Celebrity Snapchat Usernames 2015

Along with snapchat popularity, many celebrities are also start to sign themselves to use snapchat. The Application to send pictures or video that will be deleted by itself is widely used celebrities to interact or share moments with their fans. One of them are Beyonce Snapchat Username and many other snapchat celebrities username that you might to follow.

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List of Celebrity Snapchat Usernames


Here is a list of usernames snapchat celebity 2015. Best celebrities to follow on snapchat

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Blake Lively, Username: LivelyBK
Chris Brown, Username: BPChrisBrown
Jared Leto, Username: JaredLeto
Kylie Jenner, Username: KylizzleMyNizzl
GiGi Hadid, Username: DoubleGiForce
Miley Cyrus, Username: MileyCyrus

Beyoncee, Username: Bey34jay
Wale, Username: Waleebm
Bella Thorne, Username: BellaThorneDAB
Cody Simpson, Username: AussieMuso
Rihanna, Username: Rihanna
Mack Wilds, Username: MackWilds
Brody Jenner, Username: NextJenneration
Vic Mensa, Username: VicSaveMoney
Danny Brown, Username: xDannyBrownx
Tyler The Creator, Username: ToiletBoy
SchoolBoy Q, Username: HoovaQ
Waka Flocka Flame, Username: WakaFlockaveli
Selena Gomez, Username: SelenaGomez
Ryan Seacrest, Username: RyanSeacrest
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Username: ArnoldSchnitzel
Kevin Jonas,Username: KevinJonasii
Nev Schulman, Username: NevSchulman
Rebecca Minkoff, Username: RebeccaMinkoff
JC Caylen: Chamclouder
Kendall Jenner: kendalljenner

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Wesley and Keaton Stromberg: wesandkeats
Drew Chadwick: kumbayachadwick
Jake Miller: jmillermusic
Christian Leonard: imchristianlnrd
Carly Rae Jepsen: craejepsen
Cameron Dallas: camerondallaaas
Logan Paul: loganpaul
Chance the Rappers: TheAcidRapper
Zac Efron: zacefron87
Kanye West: TheMrWest
Chris brown: ChrisMBrown89
Robert Patterson: R.Patterson86
Jack Reynor: JackReynor
Henry Cavil: HenryCavil

Share Celebrity Snapchat Usernames 2015 to your circles and talk about what these bunch of celebities and artist post on snapchat.

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