Discover Clips on Snapchat

One of the latest features of snapchat is discover. Discover actually been there since January, but in an update recently, snapchat trying to make the users more aware of this feature.

In the discover feature, the user can create clips and send the clips to views by their friends, perhaps with some snap picture caption as conventional.

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How to make clips with discover

How to make clips with discover on snapchatTo make a clips, users have to press and hold on a Snap in the Discover tab, and users can send it to their snapchat frinds. On the receiving end of Reviews These snaps will see a “Sent via Discover” tag that will send the user into the Discover if they click it.

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In the latest update, users now also can zoomed in the videos, allowing users to zoom in using a finger swipe when recording a snap.

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