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  1. Hanin Kanaan says:

    I lost my phone and I can’t login to my snapchat without the recovery code which is sent to ma phone # plz what should I do? is there anyway I can login to the sanpchat again by using an email or another phone number??

  2. marc says:

    same prob here. I wish snapchat would provide another channel thru which we can get our orig accounts.

  3. perla says:

    I cant log in and I have a different # so I don’t have access to my log in verification code

  4. Yo says:

    I changed my # so I can’t not get in at all

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Another way can be simply calling the owner of your life phone #. Explain it’s not a scam and you’re really just trying to get your Snapchat verified which you can only do this way.

  6. Bushra says:

    Why cant snapchat snd d recovery code to d gmail account??..
    It is again n again snding d code to my old numbrr..wich has stoppdd a year ago…wat do i do??

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