How to save Snapchat Memories to camera roll

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  1. Chirag says:

    What about the snaps that are already saved to memories, any way to download those?

  2. Jeff says:

    Yes, go into memories, in the top right corner there is a circles check mark, tap that. Then select any individual snap, snap video, or story. (You can select multiple) then tap the upload icon in the bottom left corner, this will bring up your option to save it to your phone. This is on iPhone 6s

  3. jeshintha says:

    jeff what about for androids ? how to import my saved snaps to my camera roll ?

    • Doaa says:

      same. you will find the memories icon (little circle underneath the “capture” button), click it, select pictures then you will find the “share” button on the bottom left. I shared mine to google photos.

  4. Sdi says:

    How can I download already saved memories to camera roll on android?

    • admin says:

      i think there is still no way to it, you can screenshot the picture

      • LJ says:

        You can by selecting each picture, one at a time, and touching the menu bar on the upper right corner, then save to camera roll. I’ll be doing this for the 110 of my photos now……

    • Kurorin says:

      A bit tedious, but go into memories (swipe up from camera), tap on the snap you want to save (I’ve only been able to do one at a time), tap on the image and tap on ‘edit and send’ at the bottom. Then, tap on the three horizontal lined icon on the top right, and select ‘save to camera roll’. 🙂 Hope this helps!!

  5. Shasim says:

    What if my photos have already been saved to memories but when I check the memories it shows that there is a backup error and none of my photos can be seen .is there a way to retrieve it

  6. Leanna says:

    What about snaps your friends send to you in chat?

  7. Gary says:

    If you want to move memories click on the pic swipe up to edit and top left of screen a dropdown menu, Move to camera roll.

    • Xtina O says:

      Gary, yep this is it! thx for posting 🙂 after many failed attempts, i finally got it to save to my android using your method. Bravo!!

  8. Janae says:

    What about for androids? How do you transfer snaps already saved in memories to camera roll?

  9. Julia says:

    Is it the same amount of storage space when saving to memories or photo album? And if you save to both, is it 2x the space?

  10. Meagan says:

    What if you want to select them all Jeff

  11. Yara says:

    If i save a snap to camera roll would it be shared and can anyone see it or iys only saved to gallery?please help iam freaking out plz

  12. fletcher says:

    I dont have the memories option in my settings…any way around it?

  13. Abdi says:

    For ANDROID users, to save from MEMORIES to Camera Roll: Open a snap in Memories, swipe up to ‘Edit and Send’, tap on the drop down menu on top left corner, then ‘save to Camera Roll’.

    Note – This can only be done individually, one snap at a time.
    You’re welcome.

  14. aileen says:

    Shasim September 6, 2016 at 5:29 pm
    What if my photos have already been saved to memories but when I check the memories it shows that there is a backup error and none of my photos can be seen .is there a way to retrieve it.. Same problem PLEASE HELP

  15. Jay Rossi says:

    When I try saving several pictures to my camera roll, only some of the ones I have selected get saved. Do you know why? I have the iPhone 6

  16. wafa'a says:

    I cant save my videos to camera roll ..
    I choosed camera roll from setting ..
    but it says “save failed 🙁 ”
    help ..

    • admin says:

      make sure there are enough space on your phone’s memory

      • Linda Dögg says:

        I have the same problem. Trying to save a video from memories and it reports “save failed” I have 20 gb free on my phone so that’s not an issue.

    • Amy Wolf says:

      Did you try opening the video from memories, and then holding down on the screen, a menu pops up on the right that allows you to save to your camera roll. Hope this helps, I have a Note 4.

  17. Ber says:

    Great thanks!! Also I have a Galaxy S6 Active and everything is laid out the same, and your directions were perfect!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’ve found a way to save memories on your camera roll on android:
    Click and hold on the picture you want to save and when you let go there should be a black border around it. At the top it should say ‘My Snap’. There will be three lines on the top right, click on it and it will allow you to save it on the camera roll.

  19. samantha says:

    I can’t open my memorys like when I slid my thing up nothing happens in my settings I don’t have a thing that says memory’s

  20. Sunny says:

    What about when you back them up. Where do they go. I backed up mine and so did my gf on her iphone 6 and we cant find or figure out how to view them again?

  21. Min says:

    HI, I just got back from holiday an all the pictures that I saved to my snapchat memory is gone. Have tried everything from clearing cache to signing in and out. Surely there’s a way to retrieve the photos? Please help x

  22. tj says:

    ow do i save all at once and quickly not have to wait ages

  23. Jasmine says:

    How can my snaps be saved to my memories even if I don’t press save automatically, please help

  24. jaz says:

    my story saved onto the “memories” wont download to my camera roll ): it loads a little bit then stays there and does nothing. i logged in and out still nothing. idk what to do… i have iphone 6s

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