Maybe Snapchat app is coming to Windows Phones soon

Finally an official Snapchat app will be available on Windows Store for Windows Phones like Lumia, the confirmation come from Spanish’s Lumia Support.

Since the first time, Snapchat never get along with Microsoft. Snapchat app is available for the iPhone and iOS users, and then Android, but it was never there for Windows Phone. The Lumia users are desperate to get Snapchat app on their phone, so some developers create unofficial third party Snapchat apps like 6snap. Snapchat then create a policy that if you are using those unofficial Windows phone app to access Snapchat, you will be permanently locked or banned.

Those unofficial third party apps are finally taken down from Windows Store, giving rise to the impression that Snapchat and Microsoft do not like each other.

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When we think that there is no possibility that Snapchat will not be available for Windows Phone, a surprise came from The Spanish division of Lumia Support, operated by Microsoft, he said that Microsoft is now working together with Snapchat to bring the app available for Windows Phone.

Snapchat app is coming to Windows Phones soon (Probably)

The confirmation come from @LumiaSoporte when someone (Rudolfo) asked why he is unable to find Snapchat in the Store.

Translate: Soon you reach your Windows Phone! We are already working with our friends at SnapChat to bring it as soon as possible. ^_^

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Many users do not believe with the confirmation from this Spanish Lumia support member. If indeed this is a blunder, the tweet will be erased as soon as it become viral, but it still there, so maybe something is really going on between Snapchat and Microsoft, let’s just hope that this is real and Microsoft will confirm it soon.

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