Specter: Another Snapchat App for Windows Phone

Specter is a new snapchat client app for Windows Phone, this unofficial third-party Snapchat app allows you to login into your Snapchat account, sending snap pictures, and also receive text, image, and video message.

Up until now Snapchat is not yet have the intention to release an official app for Windows Phone, whether there are any issues between Evan Spingel with Microsoft. A petition is also still open to signing it, demanding to immediately release the official Snapchat app for Windows Phone.

Meanwhile, there are unofficial many third-party Snapchat apps for Windows Phone such as swapchat or 6snap. However Snapchat confirms that users are using unofficial Snapchat app will be banned. Many Windows Phone users who have proved this, their account is banned after using those unofficial Snapchat app. Snapchat claimed did this for security reason.

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Specter: Another Snapchat App for Windows Phone

Specter Snapchat App for Windows Phone

On the Specter’s description, it says that currently, the app only allows you to sign in with an existing account and then send and receive image messages. But hey! it’s something right? a very good start to snapchat on windows phone. To use this app, you have to pay $1.49 to support the developer to push this app better than before. Get Specter here, this app is already compatible for Windows 10 Mobile.

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Let’s just hope that we do not waste on $1.49 to get banned by Snapchat. The developer does not guarantee that you will be just fine using this app to login to your Snapchat account, there is possibility that your account will get banned.

Meanwhile, just keep Specter for yourself so Snapchat team will not find out about it and the developer can continue to develop the app

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  1. sussy says:

    I want to download snapchat for my bb Q10 not goin at how and trying to register too wat should I do

  2. Kez says:

    can someone give me a link to a alternative snapchat for a Microsoft Lumia 640 phone

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