5 Best Snapchats Celebrity to Follow

Snapchat different from other social media applications. We can not interact directly through a like, comment, or repost. Media posted via snapchat only available to be seen for a few seconds. Artists or celebrities use social media as a promotional tool or draw fans, apps like Instagram is more artistic that rarely held directly by the artist. Snapchat with all its limitations in image filters instead become a favorite application for these artists, because the management can not control the pace of snaps they send, the message only takes a few moments and then disappeared. These artists find that tsnapchat feels more intimate with their daily activities.

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Here are 5 artists who have snapchat account you should follow

Cashmere Cat, snapchat account: miiaaoo

Cashmere Cat snapchat account

Cashmere Cat is a producer and DJ who came from Norway, Cashmere is a producer of Ariana Grande. Snaps from Cashmere is about him and his friends playing around in the backstage or scenes when in and out at the airports. Best snaps from him are not from his performs as a DJ in front of the crowd, but from the other DJ who takes a random picture or video of Cashmere in action.

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Galcher Lustwerk, snapchat account: galcher

Galcher Lustwerk snapchat

Lustwerk is electronic music producer from Brooklyn. His snapchat account is the only social media which he put in his SoundCloud profile. Lustwerk is a mysterious house producer who rarely share his daily activities. His snapchat contain mostly snaps of him working on music, split-second clips of anime, and abstract information about shows he’s performing that night. Obtuse, but in a way that makes perfect sense.

Kehlani, snapchat account: kehlanitsunami

Kehlani snapchat account

Kehlani is a singer who came from Oakland. Her snapchat account is quite enjoyable to follow, she had sent the snaps of her exploring new cities on her tour, her squad cramming in a van together, hitting the studio, smoking, drinking, and dancing in the hotel rooms, sometimes taken with a fisheye lens or grayscale filter. Kehlani also snapped her time in the studio, giving a teaser of her next new tracks.

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Rihanna, snapchat account: rihanna

rihanna snapchat account
Any photos uploaded Rihanna will not be enough. Besides instagram, Rihanna also has a more personal snapchat account that feels closer to the queen. Snaps of Rihanna is contained “behind the scenes” of any activity that she lived like day trips on a boat, destinations, and her dog. Rihanna rarely takes the camera herself, and often does not even acknowledge it. Instead, her assistant films their days and provides some commentary of her own.

Schoolboy Q, snapchat account: hoovaq

Schoolboy Q snapchat accountWhat Schoolboy Q snaps is about weed, gangster thing. But sometimes he snaps about his homie life like makind dad jokes, teaching his daughter how to nae-nae, and playing with his dog. Q has a great sense of humor, poking fun at cliche rapper flexes (while still flexing)—think counting money with his feet, and kicking around a giant jar of weed.

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So, that is 5 Best artists and celebrities that you should follow on snapchat. Like and share to your friends about this awesome peoples.

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