9 Pro tips to snaps like a Snapchat Celebrity

Learn more how to snaps like a Snapchat celebrity. Follow the following tips to turn up your Snapchat Story quality and get more followers.

Even if you are just starting Snapchat, you can create contents as awesome as possible. There is no need to cheat or a hack tool, just be creative with the features available on Snapchat. Here are some tips to guide you to expands your personality on Snapchat and make awesome snaps for your daily Snapchat Story.

9 Pro tips to snaps like an awesome Snapchat Celebrity

How to snaps like a Snapchat Celebrity

The most important thing before we continue is, you have to be a character, don’t try to be those celebs, people interest into something different and unique. Me myself follow people on Snapchat because of what they share, the contents they provide, not who they are, because if you imitate those celebs, no one care because you are no one with no achievements or works that get other people interested.

  • The first thing you have to do is update your Snapchat app, just make sure you have the latest Snapchat update to get the latest features.
  • Use geofilters, Show off to your followers where in the world you are by using Geofilters. To do this you have to enable the location service on your phone. Geofilters are location-based special overlays you can put on your picture or video, whether you’re sending it to a friend or adding it to your Story. The geofilters will be different for each location or city. For example, if you are currently in NYC, there will also be some special Snapchat geofilters available in Times Square starting on August 25th, so be sure to look out for those. Find out more on how to use Geofilters. Oh yeah, you can also try Geostickers as well.
  • Bitmoji make things more awesome, Bitmoji is an avatar version of your self, you can custom your own avatar to make it look like you, download the app in advance and create your own unique character. Then, simply link it to your Snapchat account in the Settings section. With this integration, you can express all of the feels you got using your bitmoji. Find out more about how to use Bitmoji on Snapchat.
  • Slow motion the moment, make your video more cinematic and dramatic when you are on the beach and running into the sun set, or something like that, using slow motion on your video and add some music will make your Snapchat story more awesome. If you want to add any additional filters to your slow-motion snap, just hold one finger down on the screen while another finger swipes through the other options.
  • Use Emoji to liven up your Snaps, customize your snaps with emoji to express your feeling. The emoji can stick to the object on your video, pin them to the objects in your videos by holding your finger down on the emoji sticker until you see the screen darken.
  • Create a running story, when walk to the park, going to an event, library, or anything, create a running story and talk about it to your followers, we don’t know what will happens, maybe something interesting will happens to you and become viral?
  • Participate on Snapchat live stories, if your snaps are on the live stories, you will be seen by all the snapchatters around the world. If an event is held around your place, make sure you snaps about it.
  • Create a tutorial video, if you are talented at something, create a series of tutorial, if the followers has the same interest, they will always waiting for it.
  • Promote your account! Finally, to promote your Snapchat account, post a sneak peak of your snaps in your other social media like twitter , facebook, or instagram. tell your followers there to view the full story on your Snapchat, change your avatar with your Snapcode to make people easily add you.

So that’s how you snaps like a Snapchat celebrity. Gain more followers with those tips, good luck.

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