A mother found her cat kicked in a Snapchat video

A mother who has a cat feels overwhelmed after seeing a Snapchat video featuring her cat being brutally kicked on the road.

Julie Gilchrist, 45, of Dinnington, South Yorkshire was shocked and did not believe what she saw on Snapchat. Her cat is abused and the footage is distributed widely on Snapchat.

The cat named Bella, age six, was brutally and heartlessly kicked until she was thrown into the air and later found by Julie in a huddle in the bush.

A mother found her cat kicked in a Snapchat video

A few hours after the sad incident, the video was widely distributed in Snaphat and appeared in her daughter’s friend.

The owner of Bella admits that she knows who is involved in that sad incident and she intends to bring this issue further, adding: ‘I’m not just going to let this lie.’ Yeah, don’t let this jerk get away with it.

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According to Julie, ‘The video was posted on social media and it ended up being forwarded to my best friend’s daughter and they made me aware of it.

‘I was just horrified, I’m still absolutely distraught.’

After seeing the video on Snapchat, the cat lover went out to look for Bella and found her cat was curled up in a bush located not far from the scene where the video was recorded.

‘She was so frightened she tried to bite my husband when he picked her up,’ added Julie.

‘We got her home and she’s sleeping but you can tell she’s incredibly shaken up.’

With this incident, Julie wanted to increase public awareness of the dangers of animal crime and then record and distribute it on the internet. This kind of event can trigger other people who see it do the same thing.

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Meanwhile, there are clear laws for animal torturers. In August 2018, the Government toughened laws on animal cruelty.

Under the new framework, the maximum sentence for offenders who commit the most heinous crimes will increase from six months to five years.

So, if you don’t want to be jailed for quite a long time and destroy your life, don’t torture animals and share it online. After all, what kind of person who hurt cats or other animals, as fellow earthlings we should respect each other, if you don’t like animals, just leave them alone, don’t hurt.

Again, this is a bad example to do on Snapchat, don’t spread crime on Snapchat or any social media app.

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