A woman failed to commit suicide because of Snapchat

A young mother said that she owes her life to Snapchat after a friend used it to locate her place of suicide.

Rehanne Burton, 32, mother of two from Derbyshire, England, was rescued by her friend Sammie Jo after discovering that her friend was at the top of a bridge while using the app.

Thanks to the quick thinking and verification of Sammie’s Snapchat application, she was able to call the emergency services to help Rehanne, while considering jumping from the A52 Wynsene bridge in March 2019.

Snapchat app tracks user locations and displays them on a map, using characters created by account holders, unless the user turns off the feature via “ghost mode”.


Rehanne claims to have climbed the Derby Bridge after being injured as a result of postnatal depression and a violent relationship.

The young mother thought that her problems had become overwhelming, but now she recognizes that Snapchat saved her life.

“You could say Snapchat saved my life,” Rehanne said.

“The map meant Sammie was able to recognize that I was stood on a bridge and she immediately called emergency services.

“I had hit an emotional wall – I’d fallen into the habit of self-harm and had been rushed to A+E (emergency) to be met with the crisis team just hours before I climbed the bridge.

“I was there for four hours and was given anti-anxiety medication but I felt emotionless,” she recalled.

After being dismissed by medical authorities, she was allowed to walk home on her own.

“I put on my coat and trainers, left the house and walked to the A52 bridge. I was ready to give up and I had no idea my location was visible on Snap Maps,” she said.

“Sammie knew I hadn’t been coping well lately with my depression as I’d spoken to her earlier that day. So when I showed up on the map near Wynsene Bridge, she knew.”

The woman leaves her position visible in the application because she uses it with her two small children of four and eight years old.

Rehanne was talked down from the bridge by a police officer who attended the scene and believes the support offered to her since has been immense.

“I can’t praise the police officer enough,” she said. “He told me he had been in the same situation before and that it does get better.

“Before the lead up to my attempted suicide, I had felt as though I was always being judged by others around me.”

But now the mother is in much better headspace and wants to let others know that they too can weather the storm when it comes to depression.

“Now, I just want to get the message out there and, now I am, it feels like ripping off a band-aid from your arm,” she said.

So that’s how Snapchat or other social media should be used. If something is wrong with your friend like the story above, immediately seek help. Readers seeking support and information about contact information Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.

News Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/how-snapchat-app-helped-save-woman-from-dramatic-suicide-attempt-073438530.html

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