Alternative app if Snapchat voice changer not working

Here is an alternative android app that you can use when your Snapchat bee or helium voice changer not working.

Snapchat’s bee filter soon became everyone’s favorite. In addition to adding a bee mask on your face, Snapchat bee filter also change your voice to be like the sound of bees flying around you. Some people call it a helium voice, a high-pitched droning voice that you made after inhaling the balloon.

Alternative app if Snapchat voice changer not working

As we already knew, that some Snapchat filters only lasted for a few moments. But until now we can still use the Bee filter. So there is a chances of this filter will stick around, just like swap face filter.

Here’s how to do Bee filter on Snapchat.

  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version.
  • Launch your Snapchat app, switch to the front facing camera where you can see your face on the screen.
  • Press and hold on your face until the camera recognizes it. New lenses/filters will appear below.
  • Swipe through the lenses till you get to the one that looks like a bee.
  • Select the bee filter and let it change your face, then make sure you say something while on it.
  • When the video plays back, you’ll have the high-pitched droning voice of a bee!

But it seems this bee filter still has shortcomings. Many Snapchat users have complained that they can not use this filter. There are reports that they could not use this filter at all, some could use this bee filter to take a video, but the voice changer is not working. The Snapchat users who can not use Bee filter are using Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S3, LG G3, Xperia Z1, droid turbo (that was surprisingly many of phone that not support Bee filter). They have done anything, such as updating the app, reinstall, restart, but nothing work. Hopefully Snapchat will release the latest update to fix this bug so that everyone can use Bee filter and the voice changer immediately.

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How to do voice changer on Snapchat without Bee filter

While waiting Snapchat’s latest updates that hopefully can fix this problem, we recommend an application that you can use as a substitute for voice changer on Snapchat. Do not worry that your account will be locked, because this is not a third-party app, you do not need to use your Snapchat username and password to use this alternative app.

Video Voice Changer FX

This app lets you change your voice in a video to sound like a funny creature! Just record a video, or select it from your SD card, choose the effect and create a funny voice video in a minutes! Available sound effects in Video Voice Changer FX:

  • squirrel or chipmunk sound
  • helium video effect
  • alien and space ship
  • devil
  • robot and robot soldier sound
  • echo
  • and many more!
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Result video effect will be saved to your SD card, so you can publish it on Snapchat as well. Get the app from Play Store.

How to import Camera Roll Content in Memories

After creating a video with Video Voice Changer FX, you can upload it to Snapchat by using Snapchat’s Memories. Memories provides quick access to the photos and videos you’ve saved in your device’s Camera Roll. Just tap the Camera Roll tab at the top of Memories. Press and hold on the video to send it, post it to your Story, send it to a friend in Chat, and more. You can also add some stickers and draw a doodle on it.

How to import Camera Roll Content in Memories

The only thing lacking from Voice Changer Video FX is, this app can not change your face into a bee. Of course there is an alternative to this as well, you can try this Snapchat Bee filter face paint makeup tutorials by Amanda Moody

An alternative is never perfect. Well, at least this can keep you busy while waiting for the update that hopefully can fix the bugs immediately.

So that’s how you create a Snap with voice changer app and a Snapchat Bee filter’s make up.

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