Ask ‘Geen Girls’ of Snapchat about recycling

You can ask everything about recycling to #CanIRecycleThis on Snapchat. You will receive an answer message from a green bitmoji character that will tell you whether a material or object can be recycled in Athens-Clarke County.

“Can I Recycle This” is a project initiated by Katherine Elizabeth Shayne, a University of Georgia graduate student in environmental engineering along with a team that are all female engineers. This project utilizes social media, namely Snapchat to instantaneously respond to recycling questions.

As reported by, according to Shayne, since its launch, she has received about five Snapchat messages in one day. To ask, you can send a photo of an item to the “green girl” and ask for enlightenment whether the item can be recycled. Her team has also published brochures in key locations in the North and South Campus and in town halls. Shayne said she wanted to make a sticker showing the Snapchat code to place in a recycling bin on campus, but this requires the approval of the university.

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Ask Geen Girls of Snapchat about recycling

“What we’re finding is that people don’t want to go search for 10 minutes on a website what they can or can’t recycle,” Shayne said. “They want something that’s immediate and something they already have.”

Shayne and fellow environmental engineering college graduate Kathryn Youngblood are advised by Jenna Jambeck and April Crow, both professionals in the sustainability field. Crow has prior experience in corporate sustainability, while Jambeck is a global leader in the study of ocean plastic waste.

The team has already worked with the ACC Recycling division. Mason Towe, a program education specialist in the division, said the department fully supports the project and will continue to work with the team to promote it.

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Through Can I Recycle This, Shayne believes she is doing her part to curb pollution from entering oceans — what she calls “a tragedy of our generation.” She hopes pollution numbers start to go down. Solid waste departments around the globe are a big part of the equation.

So what else are you waiting for, take part in this project, start recycling things around you to help repair the earth that we have damaged. Add ‘Green Girls’ on Snapchat and ask them the things you want to recycle.

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