Snapchat Live Location

What is Snapchat Live Location? how does it work? A not-so-complete guide to using Snapchat Live Location. But we try our best to explain it to you. Now you can find out the location of your friends in real-time through the Snapchat app. You no longer need to tell that you are on your way … Read more

Snapchat Can’t Record Video

How to fix Snapchat can't record video

Your Snapchat video recording failed of freezes when recording video? Find out how to fix Snapchat can’t record video on Android and iPhone. Snapchat is an app that uses the camera as its main feature. You can use Snapchat to take a picture or short video and make it a snap. In addition to using … Read more

Snapchat crashing when taking a picture

The following steps will guide you to fix Snapchat app keep crashing on Android device, especially when you take pictures to create a Snapchat post or story. The main goal of social media applications, especially Snapchat, is to encourage more natural people interactions. However, this goal will certainly be disrupted if the app crashes frequently … Read more