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Snapchat releasing in-app stores 0

Snapchat in-app stores

Snapchat released a new feature that allows Snapchat influencers to sell their products on the Snapchat app. Let’s find out more about Snapchat’s in-app stores and how it works. In an effort to increase...

How to get and play Snap Games 1

How to play Snap Games

Snapchat released Snap Games. Now you can play games through the Snapchat app with your friends. Let’s find out how to get and play games on Snapchat with your friends. Snapchat stole the attention...

Snapchat Mobile Gaming Platform 0

Snapchat Mobile Gaming Platform

Snapchat will soon release a game platform for the developers. The Snapchat’s mobile game platform codenamed “Project Cognac”. Project Cognac gaming platform will feature a handful of games from outside developers designed to work...