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Snapchat Spectacles Charger 0

Snapchat Spectacles Charger

Snap has released Spectacles version 2, but there are few have questions or issues regarding the Snapchat Spectacles charger. Here we will discuss everything about Spectacles Charger, like do spectacles come charged? How long...

How to get and use Snapchat Desktop App for Windows PC and Mac 0

Snapchat Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Snapchat released official desktop app for Windows and MAC. Yes, absolutely you can now use Snapchat Lenses or filters on Windows PC and Mac. Find out how to get and use Snapchat desktop on PC and MAC.

How to use Snapchat Cats Filters 0

Snapchat Cats Filters

As we know, the cats have ruled the internet, this time they are invading Snapchat app. Let’s find out how to use Snapchat Filters for cats. Now you can invite your cat to take...

Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 Nico and Veronica 0

Snapchat Spectacles 2.0: Nico and Veronica

The Smartech innovation store has announced that the new camera sunglasses from Snapchat, Nico and Veronica will be available at their flagship store in Selfridges, London. Designed for lovers of technology and design, these...

how to use snapchat venom filter 1

Venom Snapchat AR Filter

Find out how to use Venom Snapchat augmented-reality lens or filter. To celebrate the movie “Venom” that currently playing in theaters, Sony Pictures bought a sponsored Snapchat augmented-reality lens or filter for the main...

how to use Snapchat app to shop on Amazon 0

How to use Snapchat to shop on Amazon

Snapchat announces collaboration with Amazon by releasing a new feature that allows you to search for items on Amazon by using the Snapchat app. Sounds interesting isn’t it? let’s find out how to use Snapchat...

How to download and install Snapchat on iPad 0

Snapchat on iPad

Are you having trouble in installing Snapchat on iPad? Maybe you ask “why can’t I download Snapchat on my iPad?” Let’s find out how to get and install Snapchat on iPad. Of course you...