Cell phone plans with unlimited data

We use Snapchat to receive a chat message containing a picture or short video. Pictures or short videos certainly have a file size larger than regular text. If you are addicted to Snapchat, then you must have a better mobile data plan. Here are some things you need to consider when you will converting to unlimited data for your phone.

When you hear  the term “unlimited”, what cross in your mind must be full access to the internet without limits, you can upload and download as much as you want with fixed prices that are quite expensive. What actually happened is there is no such thing as unlimited. There are some things you need to consider before you choose Cell phone plans with unlimited data.

Cell phone plans with unlimited data

Some things to consider in choosing a cell phone with unlimited data plans is that the actual “unlimited” does not mean you have an internet access with unlimited in full speed and bandwidth. Most of the unlimited data plan are throttled. Some carriers do not allow you to set up a mobile hotspot by using their unlimited  data service. If you are truly an internet users who require a very large bandwidth, unlimited data plans could be an option if you do not have access to Wifi.

Cell phone plans with unlimited data

Cell phone plans with unlimited data sounds like a good thing. You only pay the amount agreed upon, then you can download, upload, stream, or use Snapchat at will as much as you want without having to worry about additional costs due to the amount of data you use. With the development of content providers like Snapchat, the need for data is also getting bigger, especially if you are using a 4G LTE enabled device on a fast network with great coverage, you can waste 1 GB within a few minutes when you are on 4G.

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When you are in a 4G coverage area, your data usage is much faster than 3G or 2G. The faster you download the data, the more data you need, so some users are looking for Cell phone plans with unlimited data that correspond to their data usage needs. It will be no use when you’re on the super fast 4G network, but you are limited by the speed of your carrier.

There are two carrier recommended in the U.S.A that offer Cell phone plans with unlimited data: Sprint and T-Mobile, some of you might have known one of them or both. Important thing to be considered is that you as a customer need to learn that unlimited data they are offered are actually not really unlimited. Most carriers limit the amount of data that you can use on unlimited speed, the amount of data you can use on the unlimited speed can be  vary with the choice of pricing available. Once you pass the data usage limit specified by the carrier, the speed will be throttled down and slowing. Throttled data is usually reduced to 2G EDGE speeds, so this will make you upset because you almost can not use the internet at all with Edge speeds.

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T-Mobile offers unlimited 4G data plan that will not throttle your speed down when you’ve crossed the line of data usage on a monthly basis. The downside is, if you want to tether your phone, T-Mobile only allow you to do so with up to 500MB of that unlimited data. But this will not happen if you buy additional 2GB or 4GB of data is specifically for accessing a mobile hotspot. Yeah, business is cunning and always greedy.
Sprint also offers cell phone plans with unlimited data for individual and family. Just like T-Mobile, Sprint will not throttle down your speed if you’ve used like 50GB only for this week already. You will also be able to upgrade to a new device, or sign up for a completely new plan. Sprint also allow you to tether on your unlimited data plan, and just like T-Mobile, there is still limitation for this, you can only be use for either 2GB or 6GB of data.

The point is, make sure you actually read the terms and conditions before you purchase cell phone plans with unlimited data, sometimes they hide a lot of tricky things. Another thing to consider is to find out how good is the signal of the carrier you want to choose, make sure the carrier you choose provide the best coverage for your area.

If you have any other recommendations or experiences with Cell phone plans with unlimited data, please share with us.


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