CNN to launch daily news show for Snapchat

Now, you can update daily news via your Snapchat app. Following the NBC’s success, CNN will launch their own daily news program on Snapchat. The show, which will be called “The Update,” will be aired once per day at 6 PM ET for three to five minutes long. Earlier, NBC News has started to enter the world of Snapchat called “Stay Tuned” which has been successful with more than 29 million unique viewers in its first month.

Like NBC, CNN does this to get into the world of youth and get the young audience in a way that is acceptable to them, through Snapchat. “The Update” will replace CNN’s magazine-like page on the Discover section in the Snapchat app. CNN is one of the publishing partners of Snap that has made Discover edition for Snapchat since this feature was first introduced in early 2015.

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The goal of the program will be the good news, and this could foster the problems that CNN has already resonated with Snapchat users, such as climate change, race relations, politics and international affairs. Snapchat users can also enjoy stories to bypass those they do not want to see.

CNN to launch daily news show for Snapchat

“We are a more video-centric news organization,” explained Samantha Barry, CNN’s head of social and emerging video, in an interview with Recode. “It’s a huge opportunity for us to introduce our reporters and anchors and some of the best experts in the field to this whole new audience.”

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Earlier, Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, also team up with Snapchat. This company invested $ 100 million to creating shows and buying ads on Snapchat earlier this summer. News is a promising category for Snapchat’s mobile television ambitions as millenials and Generation Z prefer online media and social networks to get news than watching TV.


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