Cool QR Codes Style From Snapchat

“Only Snapchat could make QR codes cool”. If you watch HBO’s Silicon Valley, you might be familiar with that quote. It’s funny because finally Snapchat make it real with their new feature called Snaptags. Snaptags creates a unique QR code for every Snapchat user. If your friends point their Snapchat camera at a Snaptag, the app will adds add you as a friend. That was the easiest and fastest way to gain more friend and connections.

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cool snapchat qr codesEvery Snapchat users now has their Snapchat-branded QR code on their profile, which can be opened by pressing the yellow ghost icon atop the camera. If another user scans someone’s Snapcode by focusing their Snapchat app’s camera on it, they automatically follow that person.

To get more followers, you can put the snaptags on your websites, or print it on posters, or whatever, so when people come accross and see your profile or read your blog and then the found the QR code, just simply picture it and you will be added. This can be usefull to promote your account.

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