Facebook shuts down Lifestage, the Snapchat-like app

Last year, Facebook secretly released a snapchat-like app as a dedicated social network for high schoolers called Lifestage, and on August 4 they pulled it from the App Store after it had not been updated for several months and never occupied the App Store’s top charts.

The disappearance of Lifestage from the App Store was first recognized by Business Insider who has received confirmation from a Facebook spokesperson on Tuesday.

Nearly a year after launching the app, you might not even know that this app ever existed. A long before instagram stories, facebook has made some effort to defeat Snapchat. One of them is Lifestage which is designed to clone Snapchat.

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Facebook shuts down Lifestage the Snapchat-like app

Lifestage was created by 20-year-old Facebook employee Michael Sayman, the app is designed to help teens find and connect with other classmates who went to their school. Lifestage is dedicated to high school-aged users that it blocked people who are listed as 21 in the app from joining a school or looking up other accounts. The app allow users to take selfies and videos they can share with other teens from their school.

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Facebook is constantly trying to rip off all Snapchat’s main features like Snapchat’s augmented reality and selfie filters that you can find in instagram stories that also clone Snapchat’s Stories. But Snapchat is still at the forefront at their face filters in spite of how other competitor’s efforts to imitate them.

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