Find Snapchat Friends App

Find out how to get more friends on Snapchat using this application. Hoop is a third-party app to help you find the right Snapchat profiles.

In addition to finding new friends on Snapchat, maybe you can also use this application to find a mate. The app works almost the same as tinder, the matchmaking app.

You can set friend criteria like what you want to find on Snapchat. You can set age, location, and so on.

Find Snapchat Friends App

How to use Hoop to Find Snapchat Friends

  • You must have a Snapchat account to log in.
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  • The app will connect to your Snapchat account and using your Bitmoji avatar for your profile.
  • Go to the app’s Settings, you can set your basic profile like Snap Name, Snapchat username, your age, and gender. You can also upload your picture here.
  • Once your profile is ready, go back to the main screen. You can start finding new Snapchat friends.
  • This app works almost the same as the matchmaking app. If you feel that you match a person’s profile that appears, you can send a Snap request by tapping the yellow ghost icon. If you want to skip, tap the X button.
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Hoop is available free for Android and iPhone. You can download and install it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

So that’s how to find Snapchat friends using Hoop app. Don’t forget to let your friends know about these tips so they can also find lots of friends on Snapchat.

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