Graffiti artist ‘vandalize’ Jeff Koons’ augmented reality Snapchat ART

Not a ling time ago Snapchat released a new feature called ART. This feature is a collaboration with the artist Jeff Koons and other artists as well. Snapchat ART is an augmented reality filter or lens that places the digital artwork and sculptures from artist to several places across the world. The Snapchatters can see them through the Snapchat app as a filter or lens.

There was a backlash after Snapchat released ART and put some artist work into geo-tagged physical locations. Some artists in the artistic community rate negatively against companies that install digital art in public space so they can place ads and make money wherever they want.

As a first step of “resistance”, earlier this week a group of artists from New York mocked-up a “vandalized” version of Jeff Koon’s AR Balloon Dog. They did not hack the Snapchat’s server and replace Jeff Koon’s AR Balloon Dog which can be viewed through the Snapchat app. All they do is make a 3D digital recreation of the work placed on top of a photo of the same geo-tagged location as Koons’ work.

Sebastian ErraZuriz is a designer and artist working in New York who made the mocked-up version of Jeff Koon’s AR Balloon Dog. In photo caption uploaded on instagram he writes:

“Should corporations be allowed to place what ever content they choose over our digital public space? Central Park belongs to the city of NY. Why should corporations get to geo-tag its gps coordinates for free? We know they will make money renting gps spots to brands and bombard us with advertisement. They should pay rent, we should choose to approve what can be geo-tagged to our digital public and private space.”

The Artists are trying to build opinions of New Yorkers by questioning what are companies right so they can put ads in the public and private spaces.

So what do you think? Does the Snapchat ART violate the rights of citizens by putting digital art in public space, or should they pay the rent to the city government to put ads or anything digitally considering Augmented Reality technology continues to grow while you reading this.

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