Hillary Clinton Snapchat Filter

Snapchat launches first sponsored political filter lens. You can turn yourself into Hillary Clinton. Find out how to get and use Hillary Clinton Snapchat filter.

The election day is almost come. Both presidential candidates make their last effort to attract the attention of noob voters or millenials to elect them. Hillary Clinton chose to use Snapchat as a media campaign to persuade these young voters.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Snapchat include “I’m with her” national geofilter and an animated selfie lens. Lets’ find out how to use these filters.

How to use Hillary Clinton Snapchat filter

For the record, the National filters are limited to one advertiser per day, so perhaps when you read this, this filter is already gone, but who knows?

Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” and animated Snapchat filter

How to use Hillary Clinton Snapchat filterimage: Business Insider

  • To make sure that everything is work, update your Snapchat app to get all the latest features and fix bugs.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and change to a front-facing camera.
  • Tap on your face, and some filter icons will pop out, swipe right until you found an “I’m With Her” logo sponsored by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You can layer this filter on top of photos and videos.
  • To use the animated filter is just like the same, swipe right and tap on it. The animated filter gives users Clinton’s hairstyle, along with a red, blue, then white pantsuit outfit. The song that plays when the volume is turned on says, “shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy HRC.” while a voice recording in the background says, “Whew, OK,” referencing a viral moment from the first presidential debate.
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The geofilter was paid for by the Clinton campaign while the animated filter lens was paid for by the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA Action. Snapchat claims such filters reach 40 to 60 percent of Snapchat’s more than 150 million daily users, equivalent to 60 to 90 million people. Not a bad way to attract the attention of young voters.

Social media apps are considered as the right place to organize a campaign because almost everyone has smartphones. Snapchat is now a social media app that is most widely used, even beating twitter. The app reaches 41% of all 18- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. daily, a Nielsen study reported, According to the Wall Street Journal. Another survey conducted for Variety by Defy Media revealed that 30% of Snapchat users used the app to get news for the 2016 presidential campaign. Snapchat has more than 60 million daily users in the U.S. and commands a high price for ads in its app, with sponsored lenses costing upwards of $ 750,000 per day, According to media reports.

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Donald Trump’s side also of course take the advantage of Snapchat’s popularity, they will run in their own sponsored geofilter Snapchat on Election Day. Snap inc has confirmed this, although it is unclear whether his team has also purchased a sponsored lens, which can cost upwards of $ 750,000 on days with major events or holidays.

So that’s how to use Hillary Clinton’s Snapchat filter. Use the filter and let your friends know which side are you on.


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