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  1. Baby_kyla10 says:

    My snapchat is locked and I don’t know the password

  2. Krysten Harper says:

    I want to change my birthday but im lock out

  3. Sonnique Davis says:

    I’m sooo sorry but what ever I did I won’t do it again but please unlock my snapchat please

  4. Wildell says:

    My snapchat locked me out today can u please help me ?!!

  5. senti-hoti says:

    My snapchat is locked because I opened a new one with the same email and number then I locked it but not the old I’m having problem because my old snap is locked????

  6. Skykitty says:

    My birthdate was accidentally changed and snapchat locked me out. I have tryed everything, emails, resets of passwords. Is there anything i can doo!!??

  7. Babe says:

    I changed the birthday then my account got locked

  8. iak says:

    I changed the birthday then my account got locked

  9. Gab says:

    I tried that website but it still won’t work

  10. Alex says:

    Unlock my account plz I’m getting bored plz??????

  11. Julis says:

    Can u guys unlock My snapchat please?

  12. spisla says:

    okay but this is not a warning, it is a punishment for not knowing the rules

  13. Emily says:

    What do I do if I put in the wrong birthday and now I am locked out of my account?

  14. Anonymous says:

    This link doesn’t help me, I locked my account because of the birthday settings. The link you are giving us only helps people who’ve spammed or used apps which aren’t allowed. I can’t find any way to change my birthday settings since you have to do it IN the app. Please help.

    • admin says:

      yes, you have to request for unlock through that link, wait for to 24 hours and then try to log in again and change the birthday

  15. Michele says:

    how do you know WHY your account was locked?

    • admin says:

      it said by snapchat themself, if you are using third party app, most likely your account will be locked

  16. Brianna Corcuera says:

    Can you please please please unlock my account , please !!! I have messages on there that I need please please please

    • admin says:

      you can contact Snapchat customer support, read the article above to know how to contact them and ask for help

  17. Dina says:

    I used snap upload. How long is my account gonna be locked? I have lots of streaks.

  18. Matthew says:

    I got locked out permanently just because I accidentally changed my date of birth to 2003.

  19. Sawsan says:

    Thank you for your great app
    I changed my birthday by mistake and it is become less than 12 years then my account permanently locked

    When I tried to unlock it, it is give me the below error
    “Your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this may have happened.”

    Please help me in that

  20. Ruby says:

    Hi I accidentally changed my birthday to 2003 instead of 2002 what do I do?

  21. Hailey says:

    Hello I accidentally put in the wrong birthday to 2004 instead of my actual birthday 2000 and it said that I’m permently locked out. I’ve done the link and sent it. what do I do? and I’ve never miss used snapchat at all.?

  22. Cierra says:

    I never received any warning that my snapchat would be permanently locked. I wanted to go about unlocking it please. I used the third party app one time and had no idea it would lock my snapchat

  23. Amy says:

    My daughter put in 2002 instead of 2003 and received an error that she has been permanently locked out – is there a way for us to get this fixed? #heartbroken

  24. Shhdjc says:

    My account is permanently locked I accidentally put 2003 instead of 2002 and I don’t know what to did I think now I lost all 10 of my streaks with my closest friends bc of just one little mistake and now I dont know what to do help please

  25. Kevin says:

    Why was my snapchat account blocked when i didnt even have any third party apps

  26. Matt says:

    My account has been temporarily locked for over 33 hours now please help

  27. Rebekah says:

    I accidentally changed the year of my birthday and it locked me out how do I get back in

  28. Sarah says:

    I am locked out of my account,and it’s been several hours not letting me in. I accidentally had one third party app but then uninstalled it. I have tried unlocking it, but won’t let me at all. What do I do?

  29. Anastacia says:

    I cannot change my password to loginto my snapchat account. It keeps telling me the email I use is invalid

  30. Paige says:

    I’ve been locked out of my snapchat account for 2 days now and I tried the website that was linked in previous comments along with emailing snapchat support at and nothing seems to work. When I sent the email twice, both times it failed to go through. Is there another email that would be more helpful? I’m getting pissed off. Its never been locked this long before.

  31. Yatzi says:

    I need some serious help! So I was just texting on snapchat and it just logged me out and then I tried to log back in but it says that I permanently got locked and now I’m scared because I have 12 streaks

  32. NawMu says:

    If it’s permanent locked why can’t we have it back? Cause I got my memories there that I need to save

  33. cookie says:

    hello , you said to wet 24 hrs but will snapchat still recover our streaks ?

  34. Frank says:

    I have the thame problem like Sawsan. My daughter made a mistake with her birthday. Now she is permamently locked. I want to write an email, but the support email adress doesn’t work. On twitter suppoort i don’t get an answer.

  35. Meme20 says:

    Hey. My snapchat is permanently locked? Can snapchat support on Twitter help me get it back? Or I shouldn’t bother myself?

  36. Ciara Burke says:

    My snapchat is permanently locked I put the wrong year of birth please how do I get back in

  37. Summer says:

    My snapchat got permantly blocked i accidently put intge wrong birthday then i tried to delete it and it says it will be delted in 30 days to undo that just log in again but it wont let me log jn cause its blocked what do i dooo😣😣😣😣

  38. grace says:

    i am locked out because i put in the wrong birthday.

  39. Angela says:

    I got locked out today cuz I put the wrong birthday

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