How Does Snapchat Score Work

When you open your snapchat profile, you will see a score next to your username. What is this score mean, and how does it work? in this post we will explain all about snapchat score.

How Does Snapchat Score Work

There is some question about how does snapchat scoring work? or what is snapchat best friends score meaning. Actually this two different things.

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What do snapchat points mean and how it works?

Snapchat Score is an algorithm that generate a number based on how many you have send snaps or recieved. The stories you have posted and other snapchat features that you have use are also count.

and this is how the snapchat scoring works:
For a snap that you have sent, you will get 12 points for the first 3 and 20 points for each thereafter that you send to the same user. While best friend score on snapchat is the top 3 friends of you who send you snaps the most.

The point is, to increase your snapchat score, just keep snaps to your friends or just use snapchat for frequently.

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