How Snapchat’s post help rescue lost Coquitlam hikers

Thanks to Snapchat’s post, three climber who lost in the Coquitlam backcountry were found and went home safe. On Sunday afternoon, these hikers intend to go to the Swan Falls Loop near Lake Buntzen. They get lost on the way and their phone can not be used because of running out of battery. Their family called 911 around midnight to report them overdue.

How Snapchat post help rescue lost Coquitlam hikers

Fortunately, one of them has posted several Snaps to the Snapchat Stories during the trip. The rescuers make use of the Snaps posted on their Snapchat Stories to track which trail the hikers had been.

As quoted from, “We dispatched the team and I ended up doing some investigation here at home to figure what exactly was going on,” said Coquitlam Search and Rescue manager Michael Coyle.

“There was one very clear photo that showed the trailhead and the name of the trail and then a couple of really identifiable photos from the peak area where they had gotten to the top of the ridge just over on Eagle Ridge.”

The hikers was rescued later that evening.

Photos and videos uploaded on Snapchat Story will disappear after 24 hours, so the rescuers had enough time to retrace the hikers’ steps according to their Snaps.

You can use Snapchat or other social media app to document your hiking trail so that if something happens, you can be immediately found. In addition to the means to become a narcissist, it turns out that Snapchat can also be a lifesaver if you use it properly.

In addition to documenting the trailhead and the name of the trail in Snapchat, before you go, it is better to let your nearest person to know where you are going, through which trail, and when you will go home to anticipate the unwanted things.

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