How to add links, backdrops and voice filters on Snapchat

Snapchat released some new features, now you can add links, backdrops, and voice filters to your snaps with the latest update. Find out how to get and use them.

Snapchat added three major new features to users in an update released on the Google Play Store on July 5, 2017. In the additional information on their Play Store page, they describe three creative tools that you can use: paperclip, backdrops, and voice filters on Snapchat. Paperclip is used to attach an url of a website to your Snap, Backdrop can be added as a background on your Snap, and you can remix how you and your friends sound with Voice Filters.

How to use Paperclip, Backdrops, and Voice Filters on Snapchat

  • These new features are available since July 5, 2017 for Android and iPhone. Make sure you have updated your Snapchat app in order to enjoy these features. Check the update on the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After updating your Snapchat app, you can see some new creative tools that appear when you open the camera screen on Snapchat.
  • To use paperclip, you just need to tap on the paperclip icon and type the url you want to share with your to use paperclip on snapchat
  • Your friends will be able to open the link by swiping up your Snap.
  • To add backdrop to your Snap, tap the scissors icon on your Snap, then choose backdrop icon.

how to add backdrop on snapchat

  • Select by drawing the object on your Snap that you do not want to cover with backdrop, then choose the backdrop you want to apply.

how to use backdrop on Snapchat

  • To use Voice Filters, you just need to tap on the speaker icon and select what kind of voice you want to use.

how to use voice filters on Snapchat

Previously, Snapchat has a bee filter that also can change your voice, but this filter can not be used on some user device. If you have updated your Snapchat app but still have not found paperclip icon, go to Settings –> manage –> permissions and scroll down to clipboard and hit enable.

So that’s how to use paperclip to add a link to your Snap, add backdrop, and Voice Filter on Snapchat, if you’re still having trouble using this new feature, please let us know about it.

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