How to add stickers to your Snapchat video and picture

Now, you can put stickers on your Snapchat’s video and picture. There are over 300 new stickers available, learn how to add stickers to your Snaps.

Snapchat is always coming up with new features and everyone always loved it. A new feature this time is Stickers on your snaps. Yes, You can add stickers to your Snapchat video and picture. Previously, you could only use the stickers in the Chat 2.0. The stickers are clustered into some categories with colorful and funny theme.

There is already a feature to put emoji to an object on your Snapchat video. The stickers work just the same way with the emoji. If you put the stickers to an object, they will adjust to an object when you zooming in and out.

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How to add stickers to your Snapchat video and picture

First, you have to update your Snapchat app to the latest version to get the updated feature and bugs fix. Go to App Store or Google Play to check if your Snapchat app is need to be updated. Launch the Snapchat app and start to record or take a picture.

Tap on the little folded paper to open the stickers drawer.

how to put stickers on snapchat video and pictureTap and hold your choosen sticker and drag it to your Snaps. You can adjust the sticker by stretch it to make it wider or smaller, add another stickers and try to stick it to an object to see if it works just like the emoji.

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add stickers to Snapchat video and picture

You can also rotate the sticker. Don’t forget to add a caption and apply some filters if you like. You can match it with the filter lens, apply the selfie lens at first, and then put some stickers on it. There are so much we can do with Snapchat’s features, can’t wait for more awesome updates.

When your Snapchat’s art piece is ready, publish it to your story or send it to your friends to let them know about stickers on Snapchat video and picture.


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