How to block someone on snapchat without adding them first

In snapchat, sometimes we want to block someone who is always bothering us, someone who harass you, did inappropriate things on you. Once you remove them from your friend list on snapchat, this persons can still see your snapchat story, so how to block these creeps on snapchat who is not on your friends list?

In the world of the internet especially social media including snapchat, we deal with a lot of peoples with a variety of characters. Among snapchat users, there’s must be some users that a little bit creepy, you know people who always follow you in all of your social media accounts you have, leave disturbing comments. These creeps could have been the people around you, it means you know these people’s profiles, but they can also use an anonymous account that no one knew them, but they keep left marks on every time you post snapchat stories. You can find this activity because every time they viewed your snapchat stories, you will get the notification.

How to block someone on snapchat who is not your friend

Unlike Facebook which allows us to block someone who is not our friend, snapchat could only block a person who has become or listed into your friend list, but there is other way to prevent that person to access your snapchat profile, although it does not have the function to block someone specifically, this tips could be worth a try to impose limits to anyone who can see your profile snapchat.

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First, you can set the privacy setting on your snapchat account, so only your friends or some of your friends who can view your snapchat stories.

Set the privacy settings on who can send you snaps, to do this, tap the ghost icon when you run snapchat, and then tap on the settings or gear icon. Scroll down until you saw “Who Can” section, and tap “Send Me Snaps”. There are two options on who can send you snaps: only your friends or everyone, set it to “My Friends” so those creeps can’t sending you snaps anymore.

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Set the privacy settings on who can view your snapchat story, there are three options for “View My Story”: My Friends, Everyone, and Custom, set it to “My Friends” or “Custom” if you want only several of your friends who can view your stories, make it more exclusive. Of course those who are not your friend will not able to view your stories anymore.

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If this limitation troubling your fans to interact with you because they are not on your friend list yet, so they can not send snaps to you, there is another way to prevent creeps from sending you snaps. Memorize the username of people who bothering you, when they tries to send you a snap, we assume that you have not been friends with them in snapchat, then you’ll receive a notification that those creeps added you, do not decline it, just hang it right there on pending, so they can not do anything but wait, and you will not receive the snap they sent unless you approve them as your friends list. Brilliant isn’t it?

To have many friends is good, but you should be able to filter out anyone you know, who you will share information such as selfie pictures or videos, it does not mean we selectively choosing friends, but we must be vigilant because not everyone is well-behaved in social media which sometimes has a darker side than the real world.

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