How To Change Snapchat Brush Size

Snapchat released a new feature in the newest update. You can now change the size of the brush to draw on your snaps. Find out how to change Snapchat brush size.

Now you can be more free in channeling your creativity in drawing your Snaps. By using a wide range of brush size, you can have a full artistic license on Snapchat that produces images with amazing detail drawing.

How to change the brush size when drawing in Snapchat

The first thing you should do is updating your Snapchat app to get this new feature. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to see if you have the latest Snapchar updates.

How To Change Snapchat Brush Size

  • Launch your Snapchat and take a picture like you always did.
  • To begin drawing using a brush, choose a color that you will use to draw.
  • To change or enlarge the size of the brush, you only need to use your two fingers to pinch in or out, the same motions you use to zoom in or out a picture.
  • Use your creativity and imagination to draw using this new tool and send it to your friends or post it to your Stories.

Although this is a small update that might not be too important for some Snapchat users, but this could be a very useful tool for Snapchat artists who like to doodling on their snaps. Previously, those artists can only use the pencil-thin line that can only be used for writing. With this new tool they can be more free in decorating their snaps with drawings.

So that’s how to change Snapchat brush size, now you can draw quickly using a bigger brush or draw the detail part using a smaller brush. Make sure your friends also know about this new update and how to use it.

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