How to check Snapchat score and how to increase it

If you curious, find out where to find or check your Snapchat Score. Also find out how many secret or hidden Snapchat score you’ve got and how does Snapchat score work and how to increase it.

Snapchat score is a number represent how much you addicted to Snapchat. The number is the total of how many snaps you sent or received, how many messages you have got, how often you post in Snapchat Story and how many of your followers has viewed it. Snapchat Score show how popular you are because the numbers of views and screenshot are impacting on your social engagement. Now, let’s check out how many score you’ve got.

How to check Snapchat score

Simply pull up your profile to check how many score you’ve got. Launch your Snapchat app and tap on the snapchat’s ghost icon in the top center of the screen. The number next to your username is your score.

How to check Snapchat scoreimage:

Congratulation! if your score is too low, you have to work on it. We have some tips on how to increase it. But wait! there’s another score you need to know and the location is hidden.

There is another Snapchat Score you need to know. To view it, swipe left once you launch the app just like when you want to open received snaps. The page contains your Snapchat history. Tap on the “Snapchat” logo at the header of the page and it will changed into two separate numbers.

how to view hidden snapchat score

Sorry about my hand writing :P, The number on the left side is the number of Snaps you sent, and the other one is the number of Snaps you received. If the number on the right side is higher than the number of snaps you sent, then you must be popular to received so many snaps. This numbers could contribute to your main Snapchat Score because as know the score is the combination on how you are using the apps to engage the followers.

How to increase Snapchat Score

It is obvious right? Snapchat say that the score is the combination of the number of snaps you’ve sent and received, stories you’ve posted, and other factors. So to increase your score, you have to send more snaps, get more friends, and post more stories. But the number of views are also important, it could be one of those “other factors”. Your views (and screenshots) is something that will impact on your social engagement, here is how to working on it.

Follow back your followers, by following back your followers, it will make your followers feel appreciated, they will pay more attention to the stories you post.

Share your Snapchat stories to your another social media account, download and share your Snapchat stories to your twitter, facebook, or instagram. Your followers will be interested to view your next stories and they will follow you on Snapchat to see the rest of your story and increase your views.

Create great content, people are looking for something interesting, funny, and artsy. Create an original great content and the followers will always wait for your next stories. Listen to them, ask questions, do more interaction to engage with the audience.

Well that’s it, the point is to get more views by sending great content to your stories and engage more followers by following them back.

If you have some questions and maybe your own tips on how to check Snapchat score and how to increase it, please share with us.

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  1. Hi. I hve a question!
    If i send to someone a snap (video or whatever)… And this person doesn’t open it… BUT i noticed that his score is increasing… It means that this person simply ignored my snap? I mean, he didn’t open it but he is in fact interacting with others…!?


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