How to create Snapchat AR Filters using Snapchat Lens Studio Templates

Snap has released the latest templates for Snapchat Lens Studio. This new template allows creators to take advantage of advanced AR features. As a creator, you can make your own AR Snapchat filters with templates that have been provided.

Snapchat Lens Studio was released almost a year ago. Since then, creators have made and submitted more than 250,000 Lenses or filters that have been viewed more than 15 billion times. In QS 2018, Snap is proud to announce that more than 100,000 Lenses have been submitted and have more than 3.5 billion views.

From those numbers, we can see that the use of Snapchat Lens Studio has increased, while views have quadrupled. Seeing this development, Snap released the latest update to help creators make the most of Snapchat Lens Studio. Snap is now bringing new AR features to Lens Studio that were previously only available internally to Snap’s own designers.

Snapchat Lens Studio Templates

Segmentation Template

The new Segmentation Template allows creators to compose the environment in the backgroud, also on the objects. You can change the color of your hair, or change the sky or wall behind you into something else.

Snapchat Lens Studio Segmentation Templates

Learn how to create Snapchat Filters using Segmentation Template here:

Marker Tracking Template

Unlike other device tracking techniques, marker tracking detects and tracks the functionality of certain images defined by the user. The models show you how to use marker tracking to create a tightly plotted 3D experience in marker images. This also includes several effects that can be activated when the markers are recognized, tapped, etc.

Learn how to create Snapchat Filters using Marker Tracking Template here:

Now Creators can also use posters, logos, and other graphics as markers to track animations and 3D content. Snapcodes placed near the experiment will help users to reveal the AR effect. Finally, creators of Lens Studio can use the “Add from Camera Roll” template to allow users to take faces from their camera roll and place them in a lens scene.

With AR at the heart of Snap’s strategy for 2019, Lens Studio is playing an increasingly important role in enabling the community to participate in this and unleash its creativity.

So that is how to create Snapchat AR Filters using Snapchat Lens Studio Templates. Let’s create our won Snapchat filters and share it to your friends as well.

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