How to delete snapchat account on iphone

Many people began to discover that snapchat is not cool anymore, some worried about the security, that some time ago there was a leak which caused the number of usernames and phone number of snapchat’s users are widespread. Therefore there are some people who decide to delete their snapchat account permanently, the decision must be respected.

How to delete snapchat account permanently

For iphone users, you can’t delete your account from your snapchat app on your iphone, so you have to do it from web.

How to delete your snapchat account permanently

Warning: Deleting your account makes you won’t see any new snaps that might be coming in, so make sure you are really want to delete it and never regret it.

Open your web browser, and go to this address:, login with your username and password. Check the box to confirm that you are a human being, then submit. You will be asked for re-entering your password, insert it and click “Delete My Account” and your account is gone.

How to delete snapchat account on iphone


Once you delete your account, there is no turning back, just like twitter or facebook. If you want to use snapchat again, then register with a new snapchat username.


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