How to delete Snapchat story

Find out how to delete your Snapchat story before everyone view it. With the new update, there are two ways to delete Snapchat story before or after it published to your story.

Everybody makes a mistake. Sometimes you just realize it after you already did it. Posting something stupid to your Snapchat story could be a mistake that you will regret. Unlike private snap you sent to your friends that only last few seconds, the snap you post to the story will last for a day (24 hours) and everyone on your friend list can view it over and over again before it erased. Here are two methods to delete your Snapchat story.

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How to delete Snapchat story

Disable the internet. When you realize it was a mistake once you hit the story button. Turn off the wifi or mobile data before it successfully uploaded. When you are disconnected from the internet, the upload will be fail, and you can delete the post before it even uploaded.

how to delete snapchat story

Instead of tap to retry, tap the X button to cancel the story.

Regret always come later. When it already published to your story and you realize it was a stupid snap you should not post, the only way to take it down is to delete it. Tap the story you have post, then tap the trash icon to delete it.

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how to delete snapchat story android iphone

After you hit the trash icon, there will be a pop up window to confirm your action. Hit “delete” to confirm. If the number under the eye icon is 0, then you are lucky, no one have seen it, and no body will notice your stupid snap you delete.

You have to responsible for all what you doing in the internet, including posting something to your Snapchat story. Think twice before you hit the upload button.

Well, let your folks know about how to delete Snapchat story, and if you have some questions, please let us know about it.

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