How to do the polls on Snapchat

Let’s find out how to create polls in the Snapchat app on Android and iPhone. You can use this method to ask questions for surveys on Snapchat Story.

Polls are very popular on social media, people like to ask questions about themselves or other things. As an audience, we also like to give our opinions or responses to short and easy questions. Polling is an easy and fun way to get closer to your followers. Through polling, you can even start a conversation.

Currently, Snapchat does not yet provide an official feature for polling, so you must use a third-party app to create polls on Snapchat. The following is how to do it.

How to create polls on Snapchat for iPhone and Android

Open your web browser and go to

This web app is fully customizable, you can add your own questions to your poll, or if you are confused about what you should ask, you can use the questions they have provided.

The following is an example of a question that you can use to find out the opinions of your followers.

When your poll is ready, you can copy the link that can direct your followers to a page to answer your questions. You can place this poll on your Snapchat Stories, or send it personally to your friends via a Snap.

You can also see the results of the poll via this link.

So that’s how to create polls Snapchat app for iPhone and Android. Creating a poll or giving short questions to followers is quite a fun right? Good luck and have fun.

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