How to erase snapchat message

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  1. Carli obrien says:

    I accidently sent a really embarrassing video to someone and I really don’t want them to see it, will deleting my account stop them seeing it???

  2. Idk says:

    Will they still be able to see it in that 30 days??

  3. Caroline says:

    I deleted my account before they opened the picture but it had delivered before i deleted my account but was not opened. Would they be able to see it

  4. Joey says:

    So a lot of theory with if you can delete u snap u send to ur friends has been tested . And yes you can delete a snap u sent if you delete you account before ur friend has opened . Such as sending a embarrassing post on snapchat to the a friend. Ur heart and sinks and ur in panic. But all you have to do is delet ur snapchat account . I sended one test snap to a friend and told my friend not to check snap until I said so. I deleted my account and told my friend to check , and my friend said it was gone . He saw the notification go up but checked it when I deleted my account and it disappear. So this theory of deleting snaps you sent to friends can be delete by deleting ur account . It’s just a wonder question I been wanting to know. You’re welcome

  5. Sky says:

    I’ve sent a picture and it it’s not getting erased from the chat not me or the viewer have it saved so why is it still there? How can I get rid of it.
    I tried clearing the chat but it’s there it’s like it’s saved

  6. Anisa says:

    I sent a really bad snap the the person when I deleted my account don’t know if it’s send

  7. Casey says:

    I deleted my account to delete a snap I sent that was unopened, If I reactivate my account in the 30 Days will the snap send again?

  8. sohana says:

    i sent to my my friend i a video by mistake and that video he saved. now i want to remove that video, i want to ask how can i remove ??? any solution ????? please help

  9. Tye says:

    Will blocking someone and deleting them from your list prevent them from opening it? I accidentally did that before deleting the convo from my cache, but it disappeared anyway. Not sure if it just disappeared or if it was actually deleted. Any help would be great thanks.

  10. Billnyeeeee says:

    So i sent a nude to my sister and its 6am so i blocked her cleared chat and deactivated my account am i safe……

  11. Andrew says:

    I deactivated my snapchat account and it said it would delete in 30 days. Does the person I sent the video to still receive the video before the 30 days. Also if I log in before the 30 days would the person receive the video

    • admin says:

      if the video is not delivered until you deactivated your account, then that guy will not receive it

      • Diane says:

        What do you mean by that? So if I reactivate my account will the person get my snap eventually?

        • Diane says:

          When you mean delivered do you mean open. Your answer is very vague. So are you saying even if I reactivate my account, if the snap wasn’t open before I deactivated, they wouldn’t get the snap after I reactivate?

  12. Random says:

    I sent a snap to the wrong person. I blocked him before he opened it and then added back him. Will he be able to see the snap now or am I safe

  13. Robert Taylor says:

    If I delete my account and the person that i sent it too has not checked the message I sent and I reactivate my account will they be able to see the message.

  14. Mich says:

    If I reactivate my account will snaps that were delivered but unopened at the time of deactivation be available to be opened or are they forever gone?

  15. Ben says:

    I sent a picture to the wrong person. I blocked them thendeactivated my own account.. will they still be able to open the snap?

  16. Adrian Smith says:

    If I blavk and delete them will it not show up ?

  17. Dp says:

    If the chat I sent says “opened” exactly after a month that I sent it, did the receiver really read the message? I was the only one who added him but he’s not following me back

  18. Unknown says:

    I sent the wrong person a snapchat picture, so I quickly deactivated my account (hopefully) before they seem it. If I re activate my snapchat before the 30 day period, will that picture re send? Or is it gone forever?

  19. Anonymous says:

    If I sent a message to someone who isn’t myfriend on snapchat, I havent saved it or anything and it delivered. If I blocked them will they still get the message?

  20. ATM says:

    I sent a photo from my camera roll to someone on snap and I want it deleted, yet the person refuses to unsave it. If I delete my snapchat account will it erase the conversation ?

  21. John says:

    I created another account to check that and it’s not true. Even if you delete your account the picture can be seen.

  22. Bill says:

    If I deleted my account can I create a new account with the same phone number? Or will the picture still send at that point?

  23. Corsha says:

    If I send a wrong snap pic to someone but blocked them before they can open it.. Will the snap still be gone if I add them back after blocking them?

  24. sara says:

    If you deleted the chat, would they still be able to see the snap

  25. Sec says:

    Sent an unfinished text. No embarrassing pics just a message. I cleared the chat will that erase the message or can he still view it?

  26. Diane says:

    So I just deleted my account however it says I can deactivate it within 30 days. However if I deactivate my account would the unwanted snap end up eventually going through to the mistaken recipient? I don’t want to loose all my trophies and friends that I had on my account so I want to deactivate it but afraid that the snap that I mistakenly sent will be sent after I deactivate it.

  27. jaden says:

    it said that when u accidently delete your snapchat account that u can get it back as long as you sign back in in 30 days or less is this true

  28. Alysa says:

    I accidentally sent an embarrassing photo to my crush and then without thinking I blocked them RIGHT afterwards they didn’t see it. Will they still be able to see it?

  29. Jkanand says:

    What if u delete the friend from ur snapchat before they see the snap but then add them back

  30. Hailey says:

    I accidentally send a really personal text to a friend…will they see it if I block/delete them??

  31. Alycia says:

    Will the recipient still receive a message you sent then if you deactivate your account before they open it?

  32. Rena says:

    I possibly have a new one for you. If You were in a group chat and only one recipient opened and saw the snaps. You then delete your account. Can the others in the group still see it?

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