How to find your friends on the Snap Map

In addition to viewing submitted snaps from around the world, you can also find where your friends are and what are they doing recently that posted on Snapchat Stories by using Snap Map. Let’s find out how to find your friends on Snap Map.

As explained in the Snapchat Support page, on the Snap Map, you can see Stories or Snaps submitted to Our Stories from all across the world. You and your friends can also share locations and see what your friends posted on Snapchat.

Snap Map was released some time ago after Snap inc, owner of Snapchat finally confirmed the price tags for its acquisitions of France-based Zenly for at least $ 250 million. Zenly creates an app similar to Snap Map that allows you to know where your friends were on a map.

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How to find your friends on the Snap Map

How to find your friends location on the Snapchat’s Snap Map

  • First, you have to make sure that you and your friends are already add each other on Snapchat.
  • Enable location sharing, pinch out the screen to enter the Snap Map, Go to the gear icon. Under the “Who can See My Location”, you can select friends you want to share your location with. Be wise in choosing to protect your privacy, make sure you already knew the people you are choosing in real life like your classmates or your best friends.
  • If your friends using Bitmoji, then their Bitmoji will soon appear on the map as soon as you enable the location sharing. If they do not have Bitmoji, then you’ll see them as a blank Bitmoji outline. You can see their Bitmoji driving, walking, or more!
  • If you can not find your friends anywhere on the map, you can search them by typing their name at the top of a screen. You can also look through ‘Friends on the Snap Map’ to see everyone who’s currently sharing their location with you!
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Playing around with Snap Map looks like fun, but to keep your privacy, remember to only share your location with your friends you really know in real life.

So that’s how to find your friends on the Snap Map. Make sure your best friends on Snapchat also know how to use it so both of you can use Snap Map. This feature can also be used by a mother who wants to know why her child has not come home after school and where they are.


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