How to fix Snapchat Spectacles not pairing

Sometimes Snapchat Spectacles won’t pair. Find out how to fix Snapchat Spectacles not pairing to your device. How to fix Snapchat Spectacles pairing unsuccessful.

Snapchat Spectacles is camera glasses that can be connected directly to the Snapchat app on your android or iPhone. In order to work, Spectacles must be paired with your android or iPhone before they can be used to record 10 seconds of video.

Make sure your Spectacles have enough battery to be paired with your device. Spectacles will not pair if they’re running low on battery so put them in their charging case or connect the USB cord directly to them to start charging. Also make sure your Spectacles are not having problems when charging.

How to fix Snapchat Spectacles not pairing

But sometimes Spectacles do not always work smoothly so it will not pair with your android or iPhone, here’s how to fix Snapchat Spectacles not pairing.

How to fix Snapchat Spectacles pairing unsuccessful

  • Spectacles can only be paired if they have enough battery. Double tap the side of your Spectacles, if the light up with one dot, it means your Spectacles need to be charged before you try to pair it again.
  • Make sure you already turn on the Bluetooth of your Android or iPhone because Spectacles use Bluetooth connection.
  • If Spectacles ever paired before with your device, try to “forget” it from your iPhone or Android bluetooth devices. On your iPhone you can do it via Settings –> Bluetooth and tap on the “i” icon next to the name of your Spectacles, then “Forget this device.”
  • If you have made sure the battery is full and bluetooth is active but your Spectacles still not pairing, you can try to force Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing and holding the button on your Spectacles for seven seconds, then try to pair it again via your Snapchat app on your phone.
  • If force Bluetooth pairing mode does not give any changes, try to soft reset the Spectacles. Press and hold the button on your Spectacles for 50 seconds. The reset is in progress when you see a light sequence of three dots moving around the LED light. After that, try to pairing again.
  • If the soft way does not work, sometimes you have to do it in a hard way. Press and hold the Spectacles button for 55 seconds to perform a hard reset. After 10 seconds, press the button once more, but do not hold it, just a single tap. A light sequence will appear on the glasses, with the small dots moving around the LED light and filling up dots as the reset progresses. After a hard reset, all images or videos stored in Spectacles will be lost.
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So that’s how to fix Snapchat Spectacles that won’t pair to your Android or iPhone devices. If you have another way to fix it or maybe still experience the same problem, please let us know about it.

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  1. I was so frustrated for days and finally found a fix after i couldn’t pair even after a hard reset. Apparently on iPhone there is an option to not allow new connections. So when i forgot my spectacles and tried to pair again and again it wouldn’t work. When i went to Bluetooth settings it happened to say “would you like to connect to new devices” and mentioned something about dashboard options. This wasn’t always visible but finally did the trick and they work again FINALLY. Such a simple fix, figured it was worth a share.


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