How to flip camera during video on snapchat

Snapchat introduce their latest features in the latest update snapchat app for iPhone. Now you can switch between the front and rear cameras while recording snapchat video. The recording will be keep moving when you switching the camera, isn’t that cool?

How to flip camera during video on snapchat

How to flip camera during video on snapchat

This is a very easy way to flip the camera during video recording on snapchat. When your finger is pressing the record button, double tap on the screen to switch. You can switch back and forth as many times as you want.

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Unfortunately flip camera feature is not yet available for android users. With so many android users who also use snapchat, hopefully they immediately released the latest update to android version of this feature as well. Besides android, some iPod users are also experiencing difficulties in using the camera switching during the snapchat video recording. We wait for the latest updates from snapchat developers to fix these bugs.

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For iPhone users, please update your snapchat to the latest version so that you can start using flipping camera during video on snapchat.

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