How to gain profits by using Snapchat ads

Follow these tips to maximize the potential for Snapchat ads to improve your business.

Snapchat is a social media apps that are popular among teenagers. Snapchat has more than 290 million users around the world who actively use the app every day to interact with friends, brands, and influencers. Snapchat claims that the average user spends at least 30 minutes every day using the Snapchat app, opening the app at least 20 times a day.

The statistical data above is very tempting for marketers, brands, and business owners who are looking for ways to “approach” young smartphone users. Snapchat is a golden land for finding and getting new customers. The good news is, Snapchat has provided a powerful platform as an advertising tool that can be easily used by business owners.

If you are confident enough to start advertising on Snapchat and want to maximize all the potential to get the most out of your investment, then the following simple tips might help you a little to move forward.

How to get the most out of your investment on Snapchat ads

Decide your objective

Snapchat provides three main objectives to start advertising. You can choose how you will get results in advertising on Snapchat, whether it is Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions.

When you choose Awareness as your objective, you will make your product better known to Snapchat users by advertising on Snapchat. If you choose Consideration as your objective, then you create an ad on Snapchat that helps you drive app installs, website visits, and new leads for your business. Conversions are faster objectives that benefit you because with these objectives, you create advertisements on Snapchat that help you to get new customers and increase sales of your products.

Determining your objectives first before starting advertising on Snapchat is very important because it will help you to determine which ad format you should use, what your ad should look like, how people should interact and respond to your ad and how success will be measured.

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Try various Snapchat Ad Formats

Snapchat ads provide a variety of ad formats that you can choose when you start building your first Snapchat ads campaign. The format of the ad you choose will depend on the objectives you specify, who you are trying to reach, and how you want viewers to interact or respond to your ad. The following are Snapchat ad formats:

  • Snap Ads: A full-screen ads that can be used for all business objectives. This ad format can appear as videos, photos, or GIFs. Snap Ads allows you to add specific call-to-action for viewers to interact with, like installing an app or visiting a website.
  • Story Ads: As the name suggests, this ad format only appears when users are exploring the Discover section in the Snapchat app. This ad format is very good when you choose conversion as your objective. Story Ads can easily generate leads or boost engagement and awareness.
  • Collection Ads: This ad format allows Snapchat users to view the collection of products you offer, and they can even shop right away using the app. Collection Ads is the best ad format for you owners of retailers and e-commerce brands.
  • AR Lenses: Snapchat is famous for their amazing lenses. This ad format allows users to change the appearance and environment around them using augmented reality technology. This ad format is perfect for driving engagement and boosting brand awareness. Of course, you remember the Venom AR lens and Pokemon AR lens.
  • Filters: This ad format appears as an additional layer above Snap content be it photos or videos. This ad format is very suitable for use when tied to a specific location (think restaurant or club) or event (think 5K or pop-up shop) that users will visit in real life.
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Focus on pleasure

To succeed in Snapchat ads, you must also strive to make the people who will see your ad happy. People who use Snapchat open the application several times a day to entertain themselves. They don’t want to have the impression of being constantly sold by competing brands to get their attention.

When you think about advertising ideas, try to put yourself in the place of your customers. Think about what makes them smile, what attracts their attention, which makes them want to interact with you. Create ads that allow people to have fun while learning more about your company and its products.

Learn from other advertisers

If you can not get an idea of ​​your ad or if your ads are not as good as you would like, do not forget to spend time learning what works for other brands and companies that do business using Snapchat ads. You can find examples of successful advertising campaigns by following brands on Snapchat, doing a quick Google search of blog posts and Snapchat case studies, or exploring the advertising-inspired library that Snapchat manages in its commercial section. You can filter this library to show successful campaigns by industry, purpose, and type of ad.

If you’re trying to decide if Snapchat would be a profitable channel to generate revenue or potential customers for your business, the fastest and safest way to find out is to start experimenting. Start some campaigns, measure performance, make adjustments, run some more campaigns and, before you know it, you will have the data and knowledge to decide if it is a channel in which it is worth investing more permanently.

So that’s how to maximize the potential for Snapchat Ads so you can get the benefits that are worth the investment you make in Snapchat Ads.

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