How to get and use Snapchat augmented reality art filters

Snapchat teamed up with artist Jeff Koons to bring some of his works to the Snapchat app via augmented reality art platform. Some works from Jeff Koons and other artists will pinned to some locations that can only be seen using Snapchat app’s camera called augmented reality art filters. Let’s find out how to get and use Snapchat augmented reality art filters.

Snapchat augmented reality art platform

A day ago, a url appeared in the form of a subdomain that featured a countdown. The countdown expiration and launched are timed with Snap CEO Evan Spiegel’s talk at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit.

How to use Snapchat ART lenses or filters

With this feature, Snapchat users can see special filters or lenses available when they are wander around a piece of Snapchat ART. The app will direct Snapchat app users in the right direction so they discover the location marker is in frame. When Snapchat users look in the right direction using Snapchat’s camera, they’ll see the AR art on their phone.

Snapchat also invites artists to submit their works of art, so in the future there may be more Snapchat ART filters lying around the neighborhood. it’s essentially gonna be like Pokémon Go, but for three-story sculptures of inflated dog balloons.

You need to walking around the city in order to find the lenses. Perhaps users will be able to find Snapchat ART on the app’s SnapMap, though we can’t confirm that yet.

Jeff Koons Snapchat filter

Jeff Koons is an American artist widely known for reimagining everyday objects – like a simple balloon animal — into iconic works of art. You can find his balloon dog sculptures digitally placed in Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York, and others will be placed at other popular public spaces around the world such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Sydney, London, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. “Discover Koons’s innovative digital installations scattered across the world to experience them for yourself, and learn a little more about them,” Snapchat wrote on the launch site.

So that’s how to get and use Snapchat augmented reality art filters. If you are an artist, maybe you can also try to submit your works in order to be more easily known by the whole city through the Snapchat app.

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