How to get more friends or followers on snapchat

You do not have friends in snapchat? with tips that I will present in this article, you will be able to gain more followers and friends on snapchat. Why you should be famous in snapchat and what is the benefits to have thousands of followers?

Since it was first released, snapchat continues to receive a lot of attention. With active monthly users that continues to grow, it is not likely that snapchat will be the next instagram, become popular picture and video sharing platform app that everyones use.

But unlike other social media apps, gaining followers on snapchat could be a bit difficult. In applications such as facebook, twitter, and instagram there is a feature to re-share or re-publish the content of others, allowing a person can be viral or famous around the world in just minutes. In snapchat we can not re-post someone else’s content because the content will disappear by itself only in less than 10 seconds. As we know that the main features that appeal and make snapchat different is the self destructed message feature. The picture or short video that you publish will disappear by itself after viewed by the recipient, or the longest was 24 hours after you post the content on snapchat story, where your followers can see everything you post in the latest 24 hours.

5 Steps to gain more followers on snapchat

Create your Snapcode, snapcode are somekind like a QR code, but it doesn’t look like a QR Code, it has the sam function, when someone hover the phone and scan it using their snapchat camera, they will be starting following you. To get this, go to your Profile Screen, and tap the ghost icon on the top, You can also put your own picture that fit the ghost icon.

cool snapchat qr codes

Then what to do with this snapcode? take the screenshot of it, and use it as profile picture of others social media accounts. People will easily found it and scan it to add you. Although now we can look and discover for celebrities on snapchat without having to know their username, but for ordinary people who are not famous like us, the promotion through social media is another one of the ways to gain more followers, if the content you offer really attractive, people will happily follow you to know what will you publish in snapchat.

Promote through blog, groups, and forum, Snapchat most widely used by those aged between 13 to 25 years old and most of them were students. In the era of social media where people write less than 14 characters, many students are still have personal blogs to socialize and discuss, exchange comments among fellow bloggers. By put your snapcode or your snapchat username information on the “about me” you can add a network of friends who have the same interest with you. The person who follows you through your blog are people who are interested in your thoughts, because of your writing, and they want to get to know you through snapchat. My advice to the students: start blogging.

Social groups such as those found on facebook or forums such as reddit is a great place to promote your snapchat account. Facebook groups can have thousands of members, you join a group on facebook based on your interest or hobbiest, thousands of people gathered to talk about the same thing, if you are active members and often provide useful input, people will be attracted to you and if you publish your snapchat account, they will be happy to add you as a friend.

While the existing chat group on whatsapp, line, or BBM typically contains the people closest to you like school friends, family, or colleagues. On certain occasions invite them to exchange snapchat username to be added as a friend.

Create a video series, Video content is more attractive than the pictures. Snapchat allows you to record short videos, you can use it to create a video series that contains tutorials or recording your trip. You can make all things artistic on instagram, but on snapchat you can be more authentic, genuine and real, I mean your snaps will be dissapear soon, so what is contained in your snapchat story is really going on recently. With the video series, people will come back again to see the continuation of the previous video that you publish.

Sneak peak your snapchat content on other social media, So you have made a video series, promote what you are doing in snapchat through other social media such as twitter or facebook, just a short video and give the discription about what are you gonna show on snapchat. People have no choice but to add you and view your snapchat story, and as we know through twitter its retweet, we can become viral in an instant.

Host an interactive chat, announced on twitter or instagram that you will do a question and answer session in person, so they have to add you to their contact list on snapchat, with interactive communication through snapchat, the followers will feel more appreciated, besides great for engagement with followers, it also can boost your number of followers.

So now you have had thousands of followers on snapchat, then to what it all? whether you are an enthusiast attention seeker? You can be better than that, snapchat are applications that are popular in which like everybody uses for daily base. As well as instagram, with thousands of followers you can make money by endorsing a product or promote brands.

Make sure you share and tell your circles on how to gain more followers on snapchat, or if you have any better idea, please drop it on the comment below

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