How to get Snapchat’s Spectacles in UK

Find out how to get Snapchat Spectacles in London, UK. What is the price of spectacles in UK and where to buy it in London, UK.

Spectackles is glasses with cameras that connect to the Snapchat app on your smartphone. You can record video with duration for 10 seconds using this glasses. Recorded videos can instantly shared with your friends on Snapchat.

Spectacles were first released in the USA in November last year. Now Snap, inc has finally started selling Spectacles in London, UK, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Venice to mark the launch of this glasses in Europe.

How to buy Snapchat’s Spectacles in London, UK

There are two ways to get Snapchat’s Spectacles. First, you can get it through Snapbots, a kind of vending machine that is placed randomly in your city. Spectacles are so popular in America that sometimes you have to queue up to buy Spectacles at Snapbots.

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how to get snapchat spectacles in london UK

Then how to find out where Snapbots is located? You can go to and choose your nearest location. On this website you can see a map of the location where Snapbots is currently located. Remember that Snapbots is only in 1 location for 24 hours, so you should hurry.

The second way is to buy it on line. Yes, now you can buy Spectacles along with accessories like Charging Case and Charging Cable. To buy Spectacles on line, you can go to and click the shop button on the top right. But for now they only serve delivery to America and some european countries.

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How much does spectacles cost ?

how much does spectacles cost

If you buy it on line, the price is € 149.99, not including the shipping cost. While Charging Case is priced at € 59.99, and € 11.99 for Charging Cable.

So that’s how to buy Snapchat Spectacles in London, UK, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice, and other cities in Europe via Snapbots or if you live far away from Snapbots location, you can buy it on line. Spectacles is very popular in the United States, you can share videos with the point of view of first person, so make sure you and your friends get the Spectacles as well.

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