How to know if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat

Find out how to know if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat. Here are some simple steps to find out that you have been blocked by one of your friends on Snapchat.

How to know if you have been blocked on Snapchat

Most social media app has a feature to block someone at will. Someone can block a friend in Snapchat when they keeps sending inappropriate snaps, continuously sends annoying messages, or even start pestering you in real life by stalking you on a Snap Map like your ex lover. But if you suspect that you are the one who is blocked, follow the steps below to be sure.

How to see if you have been blocked by your Snapchat friend

  • Launch your Snapchat app, tap the ghost icon at the top left of the screen
  • Tap on My Friends. If you and your friend are add each other, you can see your friend’s name here.
  • Search your friend’s name, the names here are sorted by alphabet.
  • If you can not find your friend’s username, it is possible are you have been blocked.
  • To ensure that you are completely blocked, go to your profile page and go to Add Friends –> Add friends by their username.
  • Type your friend’s username. Make sure you put the correct username.
  • If you get a message  “Sorry! Couldn’t find [username]” then you are positively blocked.

Blocking someone on Snapchat prevents them from sending messages or snaps to you and preventing them from finding you in Snapchat. So when someone blocks you in Snapchat, there is no chance you can interact with them on Snapchat including viewing their Snapchat Stories.

How to get unblocked on Snapchat
To block or unblock, is all up to the one who did this to you. If they change their mind and decide to unblock you, they will most likely be back on your contact. You can physically ask them politely, say sorry for what you have done and be friend again on Snapchat.

So that’s how to know whether you have been blocked on Snapchat. I am sorry if this happen to you, maybe you should introspect why your friends are blocking you on Snapc.hat

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