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  1. Hanin Kanaan says:

    I lost my phone and I can’t login to my snapchat without the recovery code which is sent to ma phone # plz what should I do? is there anyway I can login to the sanpchat again by using an email or another phone number??

  2. marc says:

    same prob here. I wish snapchat would provide another channel thru which we can get our orig accounts.

  3. perla says:

    I cant log in and I have a different # so I don’t have access to my log in verification code

  4. Yo says:

    I changed my # so I can’t not get in at all

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Another way can be simply calling the owner of your life phone #. Explain it’s not a scam and you’re really just trying to get your Snapchat verified which you can only do this way.

  6. Bushra says:

    Why cant snapchat snd d recovery code to d gmail account??..
    It is again n again snding d code to my old numbrr..wich has stoppdd a year ago…wat do i do??

  7. em says:

    I deleted the snapchat app and then reinstalled it to balance out my storage on my phone. I tried logging in but it won’t let me log in without the verification code. I am currently out of town and I don’t have access to texting and only able to send imessages and emails. I don’t have the verification code that was sent to me when I first got my snap account. Is there any way to log in to my account without a verification code? Like is it possible to send a verification code to my email that is linked to my snapchat?

    • admin says:

      try contact snapchat customer support on twitter to get help

      • Jasmaine says:

        I’m trying to get into my snap account I changed my number I need an recovery code

        • presley kelso says:

          hello. i have been locked out of my snapchat account. i have the same phone number as i did when i first got snapchat. i don’t know my authentication code or my recovery code. i can’t log into snapchat to see my code. my password works though and i can successfully reset it. any help. please?

      • katreal says:

        they suck, they wont help you at all, Pretty much what they said was there’s nothing we can do about it if you don’t have the recovery code or the Verification then you can’t get into your account

  8. Ella says:

    recently my phone has broken and I’ve logged in to my iPad but snapchat logged me out and the login verification code is getting sent to my number but I can’t get on my phone I set up a recovery code but it’s not working? Is there any way to get the verification sent to my email please help

  9. Mom says:

    I’ve got a new phone number and email. I can’t access my old accounts. Is there anyway to retrieve a recovery code?

  10. braydon says:

    I got my phone taken up and have a back up which I’m trying to get on snapchat with but I don’t have the recovery code and the phone I have doesn’t have a number but I can use email, is there any way I can get my recovery code to go to my gmail

    • admin says:

      To reset your password via Email from the Snapchat Log In screen:

      Tap ‘Forgot your password?’
      Then select how you would like to reset your password – via email
      You should receive a password reset link via email to the email address associated with your account
      Click the URL – if you cannot click the URL, please copy and paste the URL into your browser
      Lastly, enter your new desired password!

  11. pow says:

    I can’t remember my recovery code, does anyone know how to get snapchat to send it to my email

    • admin says:

      To reset your password via Email from the Snapchat Log In screen:

      Tap ‘Forgot your password?’
      Then select how you would like to reset your password – via email
      You should receive a password reset link via email to the email address associated with your account
      Click the URL – if you cannot click the URL, please copy and paste the URL into your browser
      Lastly, enter your new desired password!

      • Allison Tomlinson says:

        No one is saying they forgot their password.
        The problem is with getting a new phone and new number that isnt reqistered to snapchat account. Can we get a verification code sent to our email since we cant access the old phone number to which the verification is being sent.

  12. ME says:

    It’s so annoying, my phone broke and now I can’t log into snapchat since I can’t find the SIM either. I didn’t set up a recovery code.

  13. Paola says:

    im in the same boat 🤬. i changed my number like two months ago and nobody has my number yet . im so furious . i had to create a new username and it sucks that i have to start all over

  14. Gavin says:

    I don’t understand why you can’t just send it by email! I’m having the same problem. I got my phone stolen so I can’t get in contact with anyone so I’m using my iPad but it keeps sending the code to my phone… Which I obviously can’t see. Doing it by email would be so much more smart because of how universal it is and how u can see your email from any device. I’m honestly so mad and thought that snapchat would be smarter than to do something so stupid. When u think about it the only reason u would be logging into ur snapchat on another device is if u didn’t have ur phone so why would u make the only way to log in is by ur phone number… Way to go snapchat👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    If anyone has a solution I would highly appreciate it. It’s bad enough of a week getting my phone stolen I’m not trying to have to make a new snapchat.

  15. Kevin says:

    I sold my phone with the number linked to my Snapchat account. I tried logging in on my new phone with my new number but Snapchat keeps sending the code to my old phone number. I do not remember making a “recovery code” for my account. Somebody help me find a way to log in

  16. Jasmine says:

    My camera was not working so I deleted my snapchat and I cant login because it sends a verification code to my number and I did not pay my plan and I cant afford to pay it what do I do?? How do I get a recovery code

  17. Akash says:

    When I click via email it asks me my email address and the says that I should check my phone number they have send me a code but I don’t have my phone number ……

  18. abcxysy says:

    can we get the memories back from the old account to the new one without login to that old account

  19. Russell Aldrich says:

    Same problem with me I got a new phone and my Snapchat is currently set up with my old number which is no longer with me and I can’t login to Snapchat without a verification code help!!

  20. jordan says:

    ive had my snapchat since 2014 I DO NOTT wanna make a new one but since my phone is broken, and got a iPhone snapchat doesn’t recognize that its me but I cant have a code sent to me because its a different number.. I cant have it emailed to me because its an old email 🙁 which on top of that I cant even get into my old email because of the same problem, it doesn’t recognize the new device! its very irritating and sad. I refuse to let my memories of all these years just disappear forever.

  21. Lorenzo N says:

    Seem how we are all having the same problems new phone number and cant get access to the old account I’m so mad that Snapchat Support can’t help with this either if there is anyone out there that can help with this problem please let us know

  22. Lady_rahrah says:

    I lose my phone and I change # I remembered my email and My password but I can’t open may snap if I don’t have code #

  23. Zial says:

    I had someone ask me to send them nudes and then received a Snapchat verification code from this number +1 (346) 348-2800
    Ive never had Snapchat.
    I also received a couple texts concerning a credit and debit card that aren’t mine.
    Any suggestions on investigating the issue?

  24. Rudy says:

    I upgraded my iPhone and changes my number, I know my email address and password to my account however I can’t sign in to my account without getting the verification code which is being sent to my old phone number. If the phone number is the only way to get a code then that is absolutely 100% STUPID! Most sites ask for an email and phone number because both methods are suppose to be options for recovery. Is there anyone can help me? Or is Snapchat really that stupid and unreasonable

    • admin says:

      it called Two-Factor Authentication, it is an optional feature that adds another level of protection to your Snapchat account, making it even more secure. You can reset your password by using your email. When Two-Factor Authentication is turned on and you login from an unknown device, you will be asked to enter your secret code.

  25. SOS says:

    Someone hacked my Snapchat and changed my phone number and email is there anyway I can get it back?

  26. Ted says:

    I have recently changed my number and I tried logging into my Snapchat on new phone but it says I have entered wrong password
    So I hit the forgot password and send to email but after that it still sends code to my old number
    Why is this? And not my email

  27. Dayton burke says:

    My old phone is shattered an I don’t have my number or email any more so that means I’m SOL if not please help me

  28. ayla says:

    i had this problem but with a verification app. i cant get to it now that my phone broke and i didnt have any recovery codes.

  29. Jordan Naranjo says:

    I was sent a message that my account was being logged into by someone else. I changed my password and 3 different verification codes were sent over text to me. When I went to log in on the app on my phone, I was successful in getting past my username and password, but it asked me for a verification code from an app, which I’ve never set up an app so I tried putting in the 3 different codes that were sent to me before over text and none of them are working. I even tried shutting my phone and down and restarting to see if a new one would be sent but it didn’t.

  30. Lexi says:

    I lost my phone and don’t remember my password Can’t verify my Snapchat because I don’t have the same phone number or email on my new phone😫😫😫😫

  31. Sejie says:

    Please help me, i accidentally uninstalled my Snapchat then when i tried to open it again i forgot the pass and i don’t have the number that I used to make my snap account,im so sad rn

  32. Maxine says:

    My Snapchat is connected to my old number witch I don’t have anymore I need help

  33. Asif says:

    I tried to reset my password by email as i lost the number that was registered in my snapchat account, every time i tried to send recovery code to my email it was going straight to my lost number. Snapchat was not sending any code to my email.

  34. Chahahl says:

    My snapchat is also connected to my old number but i lost my phone number i need aa help snapchat team

  35. Aysia says:

    Dang, well I guess I will never get into my account because my account was hacked I have my number and everything but the person who hacked my account put the Authentication lock on and everytime I try to log in it’s asking for a code, that I obviously don’t have the hacker has the code !!

  36. Afeefashaffi55 says:

    I lost my old number and now the otp is being sent to old number when I tried logging in on my new device . Please help me recover my account as I have all my pictures saved there and can’t afford to lose it.

    • admin says:

      you gonna need the recovery code, did you still have it?

      • Samantha Lane says:

        I’m having the same issue I don’t know the email on the account and it’s my old number and idk the recovery code it’s been 2 years since I got the code help!!!! My sons baby pictures are on there

      • Madi says:

        I have had my Snapchat for over 3 years and it makes me upset that it only lets you get back in by an old phone number that I don’t have anymore is there anyway to get back into it

  37. Iris says:

    I have the same problem. I have a new phone with new phone number so I log in sc and it said the code because I put it on my old phone number. I need to know how can I access the account

  38. Imogen Cassidy says:


    I have a similar issue where i deleted the snapchat app, and when i reinstalled it, it asked me to log in, which i did, but before it fully logged me in, it asked me to get a code from my google authenticator app, which i then reinstalled again, however non of the codes that the authenticator app are giving me work. i can no longer access my account and i have 6 years of memories on there:((( can any body help?? i reallg need to get back into that snap account and snapchat support are NO help. i have emailed them literally 10 times, messsged them on twitter and tweeted them. help:(

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