How to Post Screenshots on Snapchat

In this post you will learn how to upload screenshots to Snapchat. Take a screenshot of your phone, put some lens, drawing, or filter, then send it to your Snapchat friend or post it to Snapchat stories.

We take screenshots sometimes and a lot, when you are chatting on the group chat and things turn out to be funny then you feel it is necessary to take a screenshot and share it to another social media like Snapchat, it will disappear soon so nobody will care about it except if someone take a screenshot of your screenshot you post on Snapchat, that would be double screenshots. That’s why before you upload it to Snapchat, put some drawing or filter to blur some embarrassing parts.

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How to post or upload screenshots on Snapchat

Unfortunately this is only work for iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 and newer. I am sorry Android users, but you still can do another awesome stuff with Snapchat. To post or upload screenshot  to Snapchat, it also mean upload saved photos from your device. Snapchat already have this feature, first make sure Snapchat has access to your photos in your device’s Privacy settings: Go to Settings –> Manage –> Permissions –> Edit Permissions –> toggle the setting ‘On’ for Photos for Snapchat.

Select the screenshot image from your gallery and tap on upload icon, it looks like this:

How to post or upload screenshots on Snapchatimage:

Tap on More icon, then toggle on or swipe it on Snapchat. Go back and select Snapchat. Now do whatever you want with the screenshot, put some drawinf, filter or anything, and when you ready, post it like you always do, send it to your friend or post it to your Snapchat Story.

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how to post or upload screenshot on snapchat

Remember that you have to responsible to whatever you upload on Snapchat, whether it is appropriate or not for publication, it is your own decision and make sure your decision is the wise one.

For Android users, you can search on Google Play Store for apps you can use to upload picture from gallery to Snapchat, maybe there’s some but i can’t guarantee it.

Let your friends know that you can post or upload screenshots picture to Snapchat

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