How to post Snapchat from gallery android

Find out how to upload photo or video from Your Android gallery to Snapchat. Yes, you can actually upload a picture from your Android’s gallery to your Snapchat and send it to your friends.

Sometimes there is a moment where you want to upload to Snapchat but you’re not connected to the internet. You can still take a picture of the moment and save it to upload on Snapchat later when you are connected to WiFi. This feature already available for iPhone and iOS users, but not for Android (by default). Well, we found out a way to upload your saved picture in gallery to your Snapchat, here’s how to do it.

How to post Snapchat from gallery Android

Open your file manager or gallery app on your Android device, choose which one you want to upload, then tap on the share button and search for Snapchat.

How to post Snapchat from gallery Android

The Snapchat app will be launched with your choosen picture. Add some filter, caption, or drawing. But you can’t apply selfie filter lens. When you are ready, send it to your friends by tap on arrow button.

how to upload image from android gallery to snapchat

Yeah, i know, you can’t upload it to your stories, no button for it. There are some third party app (ex: casper) to help you upload to Snapchat story from camera roll gallery. But as you know, using unofficial third party app could risk your account. Many Snapchat users got their account locked after using those unofficial third party app.

The purpose of Snapchat story is to share your exact current moment, if you are not connected to the internet to share it, then be it. Enjoy your moment without gadgets interruption, enjoy the air, every second of the moment, sometimes a moment is too precious to be immortalized. (actually it is not, because when you upload it to Snapchat story, it only last 24 hours).

So that’s how you create a Snapchat post from android gallery, share it to your homies.

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