How to record a snapchat video without hands

I am gonna show show how to take a Snapchat video without keep your finger lay on the record button so you can make a video with your hands freely moving around.

Sometimes we can’t freely to record a Snapchat video when one hand must hold the phone to keep pressing the record button. To take a picture, you can use your headphone’s button as a trigger button so you can take a picture without touching the phone, and then how about record video? whether you need to install another apps to do a hands-free video? Here’s how to do it,

How to record a Snapchat video without hands on iPhone

From your iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility. Under “Interactiotion” section, select AssistiveTouch.

How to record a snapchat video without hands

Turn AssistiveTouch by swap it, then tap on Create New Gesture. Press and hold on the screen until the blue bar is finish, then give the gesture a name, i’am giving it name Jdir just to make it simple and quick.

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How to Make Snapchat Record Without Holding

Now open your Snapchat app to record a video, after you created a new gesture, you will see this little transparent icon hovering, tap on it, and then tap on the star icon called Custom and select Jdr or the name of the gesture you have created before.

how to create a snapchat video with no hands

Move the little black circle icon to the Snapchat record button to begin recording a Snapchat video, loose your finger and it will push the button for you. Now you can freely move your hands while recording the video:

Record Snapchat With No Hands

How to record a Snapchat video without hands on Android

What about Android? there is no AssistiveTouch in Android, so how to create a Snapchat video with hands free using Android phone? Yes, it is possible to do it and even a lot easier. So i am using Samsung S4 to run Snapchat, here is what i am doing:

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You can also use the volume button as the shutter to record a video. Get a hair tie or rubberband and stretch over the top of the phone. Launch your Snapchat app and move the rubberband until it hold down the volume button, and your hands is free to move around while taking a Snapchat video.

Thanks for Matt Berger on youtube for this genius and brilliant idea.

So that’s it, i hope you enjoy it using no hands to record a Snapchat video, don’t forget to share this fun to your friends

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  1. my iphone isn’t holding the assistive touch, it’s just pressin and letting go so Snapchat takes a picture, but no video

  2. Tip for people having trouble and just taking a pic. Move your finger around a little while creating the gesture so the phone knows you are still recording your gesture and it will not end after a second of not moving. I had to go back and change mine after the first go around

  3. So everyone listen after u enable assistive touch press the square then press custom and click the one that u named in the right top corner 😉


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