How to remove snapchat best friends

Snapchat Best Friends is one of the features of snapchat that displays a list of your snapchat contacts who often interact with you. This list contains 3 friends that are the most frequently communicate with you in snapchat, sending snaps each other all the time.

Some people like this Best Friends feature because this become some kind of bookmarks, so you do not have to scroll down to your contact list to search the people you send snaps the most.

Which is not preferable from Snapchat Best Friends is this list can be seen by anyone who opens your snapchat profile. So for someone who has an affair, this is very not helping, so how to get rid of Best Friends on Snapchat? is it even possible to remove Best Friends on Snapchat? we will explain further, just stick around.

How to remove snapchat best friends

Best Friends on snapchat appear based on the score obtained when two people constantly send snaps each other. Three people with the highest score will appear in the list of your Best Friends . We will use this logic to remove or get rid of Best Friends on snapchat.

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So the point is how do we get rid of the score so that person is no longer in the list of Best Friends. The trick is to block that person and then unblock again. By doing this, the score will be reseted to zero. If you and them do not have a score, then both of you are no more Best Friends on Snapchat.

How to block and unblock friends on snapchat

To block your Best Friends, go to your Best Friends list and tap on the settings icon. You will see an option to Block, just tap on it. When you do this, the person that you are blocked will be removed from the list, but they sill remain on your contact list. Blocking your friend will not send the notification, so your friends do not know about you blocking them.

How to remove snapchat best friends

To keep the relationship, you can unblock them so you still can send snaps, but not very often or they will be show up again on your Best Friends list. To unblock someone on Snapchat, scroll down to the very bottom of your contacts where you will see a list of the people you’ve currently Blocked. Tap on their gears icon next to their name, and on the window that pops up, tap Unblock.

That’s it, to replace or change your Best Friends keep sending snaps to the person you want to be on your Best Friends list. Like and share this tips on How to remove snapchat best friends if you find out it works for you so other people also know how to do it.

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  1. If someone deletes a friend on snap chat and you’re friends with the person they deleted, is it possible for them to still have the icon with the sunglasses on it? I am best friend with the person that deleted the other person and on my snapchat it says that the person that was deleted still has them on their best friends list. Is that possible?

    • your question is a lil bit confusing Barbara 🙁
      well if your friend is still has them, then maybe they add your friend again


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