How to reply streaks on Snapchat, but why should you?

Has anyone sends you streaks on Snapchat? Let’s find out how to reply or respond when someone offers to start a streak with you.

Let’s flashback for a moment, if maybe you don’t know it, a Snapchat Streak is a condition where you and someone else who could be your friends, send snaps to each other for several consecutive days. The longer you and your friends maintain this condition without stopping, the longer your streak will last.

The Snapchat streak is represented by a special emoji that appears on the next of your username. The emojis can vary depending on your performance in Snapchat Streak with your friends. The top award is a “100” emoji which means that the streaks have lasted 100 days. The mountain emoji is a legend, only someone who has maintained a streak for a very long time can get this emoji.

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How to respond to Snapchat Streak

Now, what if suddenly, out of nowhere someone invites you to start a streak? Usually, someone invites you to start a streak by sending a snap with the caption “S” or a blank screen with the words “streak”. When you receive a snap like this, you are invited to do a streak with them.

Then how to respond? If you know someone who invites you to start a streak, then you can just serve him. You can start off by replying to the snap, just saying “ok, let’s do it”, “it’s on” or anything. Make sure you keep it going for 100 days or as long as you want. Only do this if you are comfortable with this person and know them firsthand. In streaking, we sometimes accidentally send personal content, so you have to be careful who you Snapchat Streak with.

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If you don’t know the person who asked you to do the Snapchat Streak, then just ignore it. As our parents said, don’t talk to strangers. These days you can’t trust anyone you just met on the internet.

So that’s how to reply or respond when you’re invited to start a Snapchat Streak.

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