How to save battery in using Snapchat

How to stop Snapchat from draining and kill your Android or iPhone battery. Find out why does snapchat use so much battery. Use these tips to fix Snapchat battery drain.

Though Snapchat has a simple user interface, the file size is very huge, it’s almost 49MB when you first install the app for the first time. Snapchat also turned out to be responsible why your battery is last only for a while after installing and use the app. With the following tips, you can at least minimize data and battery usage of Snapchat on iPhone and Android.

How to save battery in using Snapchat on iPhone

Actually the following tips in not only for iPhone, but it also wotk for Android, because we will change the Snapchat’s settings, not the phone.

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Enable Travel Mode, Launch your Snapchat app, and go to Settings –>  Additional Services, and tap on “Manage”. Enable “Travel Mode” and you will feel how this change reduce Snapchat’s data usage and also save your iPhone from battery draining.

How to save battery in using Snapchat

Turn off Snapchat from Background App Refresh. Snapchat will load stories, chat, and snaps automatically every time your iPhone connected to the internet. The app is running in the background, of course this process consume battery, so we will turn this option off. Go to Settings app and tap on “General” –> Background App Refresh. Scroll down and find Snapchat and turn it off, you can also turn off other apps that necessary.

How to save battery in using Snapchat on iphone

How to save battery in using Snapchat on Android

There is an option in Android to enable Airplane Mode, it’s similar to Travel mode, but Airplane mode will save more battery life because it works for all apps, while travel mode only work in Snapchat. Airplane mode disables a device’s cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. All the wireless transmission functions are disabled.

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The radios on a device use a large amount of power. By enabling Airplane mode, it can extend your Android’s battery life as long as you don’t need any of those wireless radios. When you think it is the right time to check on your Snapchat’s Stories timeline, disable the airplane and you can load the stories and snaps immediately.

If still have trouble in saving battery in using Snapchat, or maybe you have another methods, please share with us

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